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  1. Very RARE P30 ECU! Need info on it
  2. Intake manifold question
  3. 0v-5v transducers for loggin oil, fuel pressures S300 V2
  4. Launch control wont shut off, pls help!
  5. B16 engine swap help
  6. H22a hondata tune
  7. 96 Stock GSR - Won't start after testing AEM EMS S2
  8. Hondata S300 V3 USB Cable?
  9. What's added to my ECU
  10. 2000 prelude ecu question
  11. BARO error code /atmospheric pressure sensor
  12. ECU and Basemap Suggestion for ZC VTEC engine
  13. B18 type r low idle, gas smell, horrible mpg, bogging!
  14. Changing ECU Map while engine running
  15. Karowinn is in Need of a tune for his B20VTEC.
  16. Tuning experience w/Sk2 Tuner Stage 2?
  17. B20 swap trouble reading OBD1 codes
  18. Engine struggles at 50-100 throttle.
  19. Will NOT boost past 4.5 PSI. WHY?
  20. Looking for Skunk2 4 bar voltage table.
  21. B16a2 High Idle, New IACV
  22. Looking for help adjusting basemap. Forged bottom end big turbo and water/meth
  23. Using an F20b ECU in an Integra to pass emissions. Is it possible?
  24. Troubleshooting: car wont start after upgrading fuel pump w/ higher inj cycle.
  25. Suggestions of a Reputable Honda tuner in or near Indiana
  26. Recommend OBD-2 Hardware (Fuel Dilution)
  27. B16a2 in ej8, obd2a to obd2b conversion (p2t Ecu)
  28. B16a2 P28 HondataS300v3 RC 550cc injectors CUT OFF 4500RPM????
  29. Replacement wideband sensor part numbers.
  30. "Virtual" Dyno (V-Dyno) Settings for Em1? What does one use?
  31. Help with reading check engine light code
  32. B16a2 running on a P2P ECU From a D16Y8. Good idea as a temp solution or no?
  33. flex fuel/injectors with demon 2. How does one use the hardware/software for this?
  34. Good reading materials for learning how to tune. Where are they found?
  35. B16 VTEC Turbo issues: VTEC does not engage.
  36. Built K24a2 all motor - Getting knock in cyl. 1 only
  37. I'm looking for a H22 Base map for Crome. Anyone have one?
  38. Kraftwerks Supercharger & Hondata Tune - Car bucks at 5K RPM's in 1st and 2nd Gear
  39. Assistance needed: Installing Hondata on an ECU board. Ran into a problem
  40. Is a Canadian Obd2 scanner & codes different than those used in the US?
  41. Looking for internet Tuner for hire.
  42. Do I need a basemap!??just put turbo in b20vtec
  43. 2step launch cut issue
  44. Tuning 100 shot on B20...wanna do 200
  45. Troubleshooting: 1992 Accord SE ECM "smoke" & failure
  46. D14A4 turbo obd1 distibutor problem
  47. s300 Dash Displays - Let's see what you all are using
  48. Recommendation on eTune for Hondata S300
  49. H22 95mm stroke - ignition timing map feedback request
  50. Can someone explain CAN-BUS?
  51. USDM OBD2A P30 vs P2T and FTP Sensor
  52. Problem with Ostrich 2.0
  53. Crome gold pro dealer lockout
  54. 02 Sensor trouble code
  55. hondata blinking red
  56. RPM based ignition advance, Hondata vs NepTune
  57. Vtec code 21 on my circle track prelude
  58. 2 step adjustment points: Is there a "standard" rpm to use?
  59. T1 Race Development or Boost Logic?
  60. What components are necessary in order utilize CROME on an OBD1 ECU? How do I tune?
  61. H23A obd1
  62. EP3/K20R, CAMCMD<>CAM
  63. 450 DSM injector on hondata s300v3
  64. How does one properly calibrate an OBD1 H-series engine?
  65. Troubleshooting: IACV & pin configuration using a D16y8 head/D16y7 block?
  66. Newbie alert: what is involved in tuning my F22B1 powered 95 CD7 Accord?
  67. Troubleshooting: B20 Engine goes into limp mode after installing a turbocharger
  68. Where can I my 98 EK B16 Tuned? (In the San Antonio / Austin TX area)
  69. J35A4 + M90 + AEM SD - Tuning Guidance Please!
  70. How does one fix TPS calibration control in Hondata S300
  71. Looking for emanage blue maps for Turbo setup
  72. Do you have a diagram pinout of a Kpro v3?
  73. Turbo Em1 Boost issue
  74. Honda del sol with ob2 ECU-change to OBD1 and insert a chip?
  75. Does the B20B ECU require a knock sensor for the engine to operate normally?
  76. Troubleshooting : 93 Civic chassis w/ B18A1 Engine - ecu issue/question
  77. Honda s300 launch control values atmospheric
  78. D16 OBD1 tuning questions
  79. Hondata S300 V3 not properly working. Options "grey'd out"
  80. B18c1 with type R pistons, cams, ECU?
  81. H22A in Limp mode
  82. B series turbo stand alone suggestion
  83. Wide band o2 question
  84. D16y8 set at 21 degrees?
  85. B18A1 fully built head stock block
  86. Tuning Fuel Compensation Sucks
  87. D16Y7 start engine on ground??
  88. Neptune BBG. Hitting boost cut
  89. Setting ign timing with hondata
  90. Converting a Crome QD2 format to a QD3 format for datalogging
  91. VTEC Spool CEL #21
  92. Assistance Needed: KTuner & tuning - how to install & upload a basemap?
  93. Chip Burning Using Universal Programmer!!
  94. Open Loop vs. Closed Loop Issues
  95. Assistance requested. Innovate MTX-L Plus calibration issues
  96. Is it possible to perform Tuning without an O2 sensor?
  97. Troubleshooting: information regarding sensor CODE 9 from within the distributor
  98. Is it possible to utilize Hondata with a P2E ECU ? NO.
  99. Have a chipped ecu, can I install an s300?
  100. 2015 Civic R18 misfire with pic of plug: help Please
  101. ECU Fuel cut/boost cut under load
  102. B20B Turbo Base Map?
  103. ECU Selection B18C1 1999 EK Hatch
  104. *Write-up* - Innovate LC-2 Wideband Settings and Calibration
  105. KiNGDEE206's official street tune S300 / B18c PCT/ 272 cams
  106. Troubleshooting: 1993 civic ECM code 37. What does this mean?
  107. Troubleshooting: Issues with LSV Turbo civic-datalogs enclosed
  108. Troubleshooting: Aftermarket knock sensor creates noise under partial load
  109. Is there a method to Tuning injectors with slightly different flow rates?
  110. Firmware reflashing
  111. IAT corrections and Open Loop ECT corrections?
  112. Demon 1.2 question
  113. Can't find option to write map on CROME!! EK CIVIC
  114. Wire tuck harness
  115. K Series sensor specs, research advice needed.
  116. d16a swap from 96 si coupe to 98 hatch cx.
  117. Ignition Compensation on E85
  118. Throttle Tip-in Trim -20%????
  119. setting up ecu correctly for locked vtec
  120. need of a chrome basemap for a b18b1 p75
  121. Odd TPS behavior
  122. S300 V1 gone bad?
  123. EPM with Infinity
  124. What ACTUALLY Triggers V-Tec?
  125. Assistance Needed: D16 turbo setup from Germany, needs a base map/E-Tune
  126. Tuning ITB Setups...is it difficult?
  127. Code. P0301...at wits end
  128. Rich AFRs
  129. Troubleshooting tuning: car is progressively leaning out after warmup
  130. O2 sensor (stock) question
  131. P2T-A11 JDM?
  132. Weird fueling issue during high IAT idle
  133. Wiring in an IS20 or IS38 turbo
  134. K swap, cruise control & Kpro need to confirm
  135. AEM 30-4110 UEGO Inaccurate Readings?
  136. Troubleshooting: ignition timing: which pins to use on P13?
  137. Spark Plug different color, meaning???
  138. Fried ECU Injector Driver?
  139. What exactly are injector latency "Dead times"?
  140. BRE question about Target A/F ratios.
  141. Troubleshooting: B18 Running lean at higher RPM
  142. base map for turbo ls vtec in a gsr
  143. Air fuel not reading / running dangerously lean
  144. MA motorsports auto obd2> obd1 setup for boost
  145. Old Honda Yellow/Green Coil Wire
  146. Xhorse knock-off Honda driver
  147. What is the best method to obtain Proper air fuel ratio?
  148. o2 sensor not working after exhaust work?
  149. Needing help ordering new motor for 2006 honda civic si
  150. P28 ECU
  151. B18c engine running with power fc b16b version
  152. D16z6 Turbo passing emissions
  153. Lean condition at idle only
  154. boost my 1999 ex
  155. hondata s300 Analog Input 2 voltage problem
  156. Troubleshooting: Hondata Boost-by-gear value configuration
  157. Tuning Open Header vs Full Exhaust
  158. 2004 CRV runnin lean code
  159. Ecu Pinout for map sensor
  160. 05 Accord EX 2.4L p0341
  161. D16Y7 upstream/downstream O2 sensor plug question
  162. Assistance Needed: Apexi Power FC on B18C1
  163. A4/D6 ECU bypass bridge with Neptune
  164. Troubleshooting: AEM X Series wideband and s300 management
  165. Opinions needed:Ktuner Vs kpro D17
  166. Troubeshooting: Turbo crv cutting out at 6200 rpm-Tuning Parameters
  167. Integra 2001 Type R ECU help needed
  168. Persistent P1259 Code in 2002 CRV
  170. Advantages of P30 over PW0?
  171. Troubleshooting: Major Power Loss in VTEC
  172. Gearing changes vs ECU
  173. Need to learn: How to initiate Crome's 2-step launch system
  174. Troubleshooting: Code 21 VTEC solenoid issues
  175. Can my ecu be saved?
  176. Tallgumby is New to I-4 Hondas and ignition/fuel tuning - Intro guidance needed
  177. Assistance requested: DC5 Integra-Need guidance on Hondata Management
  178. Troubleshooting: Misfire codes after P&P, Tuner1, Valve and Piston swap. Thoughts?
  179. eManage Ultimate gurus? Fuel cut?
  180. P72/P75 OBD1 ECUs (1980 Board)
  181. Engine surging and IAC malfuntion / PVC leakage error ONLY when warm [2003 Civic]
  182. Opinions Requested: Thoughts about remote tuning (A.K.A. "E-Tuning")
  183. Rise fall idle after IACV cleaning. Please help!!
  184. Inline fuel filter fuel lab vs e85freaks.
  185. Is it possible for a P28 U.S. Ecu to replace a EDM P28 Ecu
  186. D15B with hondata s300 and dyno tuned displays fuel starvation symptoms after warming
  187. Driving without a dyno tune?
  188. Using obd2 reader with chrome and obd1 conversion?
  189. Can't get a smooth idle after rebuild
  190. Tune with crome
  191. S100 Tuning
  192. Kpro in 2008 Element help.
  193. crome tuning error
  194. Suggestions Needed: Ecu, Tuner, or fuel injector issue?
  195. Reading ECU used with mid 1990s D16A6 Engine
  196. 1996 accord lx f22b to f22b1 "vtec" - Which ECU to use?
  197. Idle problem after OBD2 to OBD1 Ecu swap.
  198. P28 ECU -Contains unknown EPROM chip?
  199. Honda HDS and cheap MVCI cables.
  200. Request Assistance: AP1 s2000 stock rom bin file
  201. does Mase still have a good reputation?
  202. Vtec pressure switch bypass on obd2a how to??
  203. How can P73 ECU be chipped?
  204. Switching from crome to Neptune
  205. White Smoke B16A problem
  206. Troubleshooting: B-series turbo application hitting boost cut at 3,000RPM
  207. Tuning Question: Using target % Lambda in Hondata Software
  208. Ecu Identification Help
  209. Troubleshooting: DC2R Ignition components options for a standalone ECU
  210. ►► FREE ►► My Entire Tuning Database
  211. Check engine issues hondata s300
  212. Please Explain: "Disable VTEC Spool Error Check"
  213. Troubleshooting: New VTEC OEM ecu programmed to old key-- won't rev past4k
  214. Troubleshooting: Emissions fail on D17 turbo using EP3/KPRO system
  215. Troubeshooting: db2 turbocharged integra fuel cuts at 1psi
  216. General question: How does Engine tuning actually improve its performance?
  217. Assistance Needed: b16 idles rough wants to die out stall at stop
  218. kpro ecu calibration old kmanager version
  219. Issue getting car to fire with new neptune rpt system
  220. ISO, HAmotorsports custom basemap info
  221. Obd2b to obd1 d16 HELP
  222. Assistance Needed: Engine Code P1382- CYP
  223. 9:1 compression gsr pistons and rods. How fo forst start motor.
  224. octane booster until retune?
  225. Car tuned on E85...can it run premium gas?
  226. B18a1 obd0 into a 00 cx hatch
  227. Crome Closed Loop Problem
  228. Supercharging a 2000 EX, questions
  229. Vtec wiring P75 ecu
  230. 92 Acura Integra power issues
  231. Car not starting after installing hondata 4 bar map sensor
  232. Car not starting after installing hondata 4 bar map sensor
  233. P28 weird diagnostic port problem
  234. Troubleshooting issue: Innovate lc2 error 2
  235. Shops near Savannah GA
  236. Coil packs vs aftermarket distributer upgrades for itb b18c1 build
  237. can somebody provide me with a basemap for THIS specific B16A2 Build Please?
  238. Is there a way to use OBD Port to communicate with a JDM ECU in a OBD2B 2000 GS-R?
  239. Troubleshooting: Lean Idle Issue
  240. Using led toggle switch with S300 for Hi/Low map - Possible?
  241. Troubleshooting:GSR b18c1 NA w/ knock code 23
  242. D16A8 OBD0 Turbocharged with OEM ECU - Not sure what's next
  243. random misfire and egr code. to no start
  244. Neptune RTP and flex fuel setup?
  245. Switching from OBD2B to OBD1: Not sure if I know what I'm doing.
  246. Use of IQ3 on Hondata FlashPro or Haltech
  247. Can i make an auto ecu pass inspection in a manual
  248. s300 2-step Ignition Timing Settings: Is this an issue?
  249. Troubleshooting: Turbocharged B16 running lean idle
  250. Oxygen sensor problem