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  1. Siezed crank
  2. Skunk2’s or Supertech valves?
  3. Ktuned B/D series thermostat housing
  4. Need Help with burning oil!
  5. 1984 Civic 1500 possible head bolt over torque on first pass
  6. RockAuto "Re-Ring" Kit...DOES IT SUCK?
  7. connecting rod question
  8. H22 rocker arms mixed up
  9. Screwed up my head torque, what should I do?
  10. F23 crankshaft flywheel locator pin.
  11. Conflicting Crankshaft Measurements HELP!
  12. Rebuilding engine
  13. valve train suggestion.
  14. Z6 block damage: scrap or repairable?
  15. Bolt size for bolts holding post mount to block? b16
  16. Gsr Block with B18B crank timing.
  17. Cracked block
  18. Unknown block and crank bearing question
  19. Testing chased spark plug threads
  20. Crankshaft Balancing???
  21. Mysterious plug on back left corner of b18c1 block.HELP!
  22. B18c Eagle Rods in B18b?
  23. Distributor won’t go back in
  24. cv axle shaft help
  25. Bottom end bearing scratched
  26. Help arp install with out removing head ?
  27. Multiple VTEC repair codes
  28. LSVTEC/B16 Head Bearings
  29. OEM Bearing Sizes
  30. Main Bearings question
  31. Darton wet MID sleeves-what's their power limit?
  32. Trashed main bearings - next steps
  33. B20vtec rsmachine piston. What measurement is your ring gap?
  34. B16A3 vs B16A SiR-II
  35. Curious how the steel pads are 'bonded' to aluminum rocker arms
  36. F22 dowel pins
  37. Fresh machined gar crank hard to spin crank when installed
  38. YCP Pistons What Rods?
  39. “Sleeved” block opinion identification
  40. new assembled engine white smoke when hot
  41. Assistance needed: Info on the use of Honda Replica cylinder heads
  42. b series. Cylinder head bolt size thread? top valv cover intake cam size bolt?
  43. Anyone have H or B ATI damper in hand to get measurements for me?
  44. please help discuss what going wrong
  45. Suggestions needed: Is this head no good? P72 From Hmo
  46. 1995 Integra GSR OEM piston ring gap problem
  47. From D series to B series Vtec
  48. Sohc ZC rod bearings?
  49. Best Methodology on cleaning a cylinder head
  50. Machining Oil Pump
  51. Timing belt slipped b16a2
  52. Repairable head? Crack between coolant passages
  53. Advice on my B18A1 rebuild please
  54. Cam grind
  55. Front/rear main seals question
  56. connecting rod bearing confusing
  57. head gasket and compression ratio
  58. When does exhaust valve size become an issue?
  59. Head Gasket Bore
  60. Question about honing a cylinder
  61. Plastic gauge measurement result. Need some Help.
  62. Head testing
  63. B16A2 Thust washer clearance
  64. Is this price: high, low, average?
  65. B20 Valve timing, passes leakdown, failed compression
  66. Rtv black vs hondabond
  67. Did I bend a valve or mess up a piston
  68. Piston Ring Gap Orientation
  69. P72 connecting rod intensity?
  70. which piston wrist pin i should use
  71. main and small end bearing
  72. Roller rockers on non roller cam?s2p2 B16
  73. Help with D16A6 Camshaft
  74. H22 4-500hp with probably 100 shot of nos
  75. Any good machine shops in OC? h23a Na Build
  76. B18C1 and B18C5
  77. Timing belt tensioner bolt broke off into block
  78. B18C rebuilt on EG9 suggestions?
  79. B16 lost compression one cylinder -Diagnosis based on photos?
  80. B18 Rebuild In 24 Hours - Race Dedication
  81. Dial Bore Guage - Art/Finesse
  82. D16Y8
  83. What do you need to fully build a b series
  84. Need help b16 head cam journal
  85. JDM B18C GSR main bearing oil clearance issues?
  86. Unknown pistons
  87. Fluidampr - jetspeedz's Personal Impressions - Review & How-to-Install write-up
  88. B16C6 ring gap issues
  89. Time for new guides?
  90. b series block plug
  91. F23 Frankenstein help... PLEASE!
  92. P2W clearance with CP pistons
  93. Looking for a diagram or a parts list for a b18c5 cylinder head
  94. B20v with b16 arp head studs?
  95. B16a dropped a valve. What's the next step?
  96. Darton Dry Sleeves question
  97. What is the flatness limit of head and deck? Are resurfacing necesary?
  98. B20B motor dry compression test, one cylinder low
  99. Rod/Stroke Ratio - B16A Vs. B16B
  100. Father/son B16 build specs and questions
  101. H22 head oil gallery thread
  102. Need opinion on used head
  103. Checking b20 block for warpage
  104. B16 valve springs in b18b1
  105. Any builders to comment on Valve head size vs Stem diameter?
  106. Looking for a shop in central FL to degree cams
  107. How long may a freshly rebuilt engine sit without running?
  108. Stepped LSVTEC dowel pin EX side location
  109. royal purple assembly lube questin
  110. Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Oil leakage at time of Tesing
  111. B18b1 into ek won’t start help
  112. B18c5 help
  113. B18b1 - Damage
  114. I need some help with springs and retainers
  115. Need Valvetrain advice, thanks.
  116. B18c1 Build help
  117. B16A3 83mm
  118. Changed to Morosso oil pan w Fel-Pro gasket. Pan now leaking?!
  119. Driving with flywheel exposed. Problem? (JDM GSR w S80 ITR trans)
  120. b16 head - rocker arms stuck. need help!
  121. Installed Morosso baffled oil pan - need two-piece lower trans brace
  122. b16 arp head bolts seeping oil between head and block
  123. ACL bearing HX marking identification
  124. B Series OEM Rod Bolt Stud Thread Pitch?
  125. RODS probe industries or rpm racing parts maximum
  126. Mystery Bolt
  127. B18c1 rebuild help fo a honda noob
  128. J30A4 Stroker
  129. 625+ and rod bolt stretch.
  130. High HP GSR assembly / Question
  131. Looking For An Engine
  132. Head building and rev limits
  133. Searching for camshaft measurement software for valve movement
  134. ARP main studs-crank won't turn
  135. Scratched pistons
  136. B20Vtec sucking oil over intake valve stem seals
  137. Im wondering if you can use a h22 crank in a h23 block
  138. gsr crank vs typer
  139. Knowing your Motors Compression Ratio
  140. L15A1 (07-08 Fit) VS. L15B7 (17-18 Civic Si)
  141. Main bearing housing tolerances
  142. Pics:What do you think about this scratch on a freshly rebuilt gsr?
  143. Sleeves for h23 Jdm?
  144. H22 Oil pressure relief valve tension question
  146. Rod bearing question
  147. Cometic headgasket leak
  148. B18c1 valvetrain upgrade
  149. JE 84mm 9.0-1 pistons in ls? Help pleaze
  150. Comp cam 89012 kit same springs as oem??
  151. Stupid noob question, but Search did not answer it...
  152. What rings to use on pistons
  153. Reman crank wtf?!?
  154. The use of ls rod bearings instead of gsr rod bearings
  155. Prelude SH startup for 6 seconds then dies.
  156. Piston clearance
  157. Head gasket size
  158. 2001 Honda Accord swap
  159. overheating issues from blown pistons
  160. B20 compression ratio math
  161. Assistance Needed: How to Degree SK2 Pro 3 camshafts
  162. Parker parflex microweld tubing?
  163. Pics *what's this sealant type material around the block guard?
  164. did I just doom my engine to self-destruction?
  165. Machine Shop/Engine Builder near Austin, TX
  166. Knock noise after rebuild B16
  167. Torque plates?
  168. can weak valvesprings cause a misfire at idle?
  169. GSR Build for 800whp+
  170. Torque Data Error for Intermediate Shaft to Engine Block-Is it 29lbs-ft?
  171. Cam Timing setup questions
  172. Honda CRV cracked block has an oil leak. How cam I repair?
  173. skunk2 camgear degree question
  174. D16 Darton sleeves water leak problem
  175. Stuck Degreeing Cams H22
  176. Is it necessary to re-degree camshafts after changing cylinder heads?
  177. Pr3 with .25 overbore
  178. Best B16A Gasket/Seal Kit & CKF
  179. Think this is the right section 🤔
  180. Cam Cap O-ring
  181. D16 ring gaps haven't found a solid answer yet.
  182. What all is involved in a rods/piston install on a B18?
  183. Engine test stand (run stand)
  184. D16 Head Measurement Needed
  185. ARP bolts on Manley rods
  186. one head bolt was loose?
  187. Broken Piston Rings / New Rings Question
  188. help with scratches on cylinder wall
  189. Machinist in Sacremento Area?
  190. Replacing Oil dipstick tube B16a
  191. Mid-Atlantic/DMV Shops
  192. Vtec Solenoid Internals
  193. B20 vtec help!!!
  194. Piston to head -Turbo - milled engine. I killed my brain.
  195. Preparing for Rebuild - Oil on Spark Plug Wells & Pistons
  196. Replace valve seals on JDM import motor?
  197. Evergreen stock rebuild kits?
  198. H23 build questions
  199. Worn valve guides or scam?
  200. Valve Guides
  201. What is this from and how did it get to my oil filter?
  202. Do head studs reduce the chance of a head gasket failure?
  203. Good machine shops out west? + PTW questions
  204. Sleeved GSR Block Manley Rods Question
  205. HELP!! This isn’t normal right?(Pistons)
  206. Piston Advise Please!
  207. OEM oil pump rotors/gears
  208. Is this a cracked/ruined block?
  209. b20vtec build check and gasket set recommendations
  210. Torque Settings
  211. Vtec cam plates/"pipe" holder
  212. B16 and B20 Rod and Piston Specs
  213. B16A headgasket same as b16a2?
  214. Troubleshooting: Does this connecting rod look usable?
  215. K24z1/k20z3 head block oil squirters needed?
  216. Needing machine shop in Charlotte area
  217. Mixed up rod caps?
  218. Can't find these bearings in ACL's catalog - D16z6
  219. Y8 block z6 head aem cam gear problems
  220. SOHC ZC Issues
  221. b20vtec recommendations
  222. 03 k20a3 fit a2 cams??
  223. B17 crank, b18b block, b16b or custom rods, b18b or custom pistons
  224. 99 civic si clutch line
  225. b16a2 new swap
  226. F20b and F23 Frankenstein question
  227. Help reading block stamp for bearings D16
  228. Can't figure out engine noise after rebuild.
  229. New engine high compression test
  230. Darton Mid Sleeves vs CSS 850++
  231. Assistance Needed: B20B Block/B18C Crank -Main/Rod Bearing Selection
  232. Preparing for hg install, rebooted
  233. questions concerning valve lash b18b
  234. Damage on block...re-useable or no?
  235. Engine rebuilder/builder in Southern California?
  236. Honing B16a2 rebuild
  237. 1999 prelude engine swap
  238. Complex F/H-Series Balancer Shaft Discussion
  239. Worn cam caps
  240. Mix matching main caps on a b18b1
  241. Info Request: Main & Rod Bearing Torque Specs for the H22A Euro R
  242. Struggling to understand bearing selection
  243. well my rod bearings are too tight with acl hx's
  244. Piston rings
  245. Ring issue- what to buy 81mm b series
  246. JDM B18C Rebuild
  247. Piston ring availability for Arias Pistons
  248. Beginner machinest tools
  249. Cam surface ate itself
  250. rod big end bore help