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  1. K-swap EK: Help, no spark
  2. Supertech or BC Dual Valve springs and Ti retainers
  3. Cylinder#1 running rich.
  4. Replacing Thrust Washers?
  5. 92 VX K20a2 swapped, header and exhaust questions
  6. How To : K24Z7 swap in EG civic. Complete how to!
  7. K20a3 block boot
  8. half shaft question
  9. K24a2 RBB Head on K20a3 Block
  10. clutch \ flywheel bolt help
  11. K24 76mm turbo too big?
  12. K20A2 valve train
  13. K24a2 exhaust camshaft on K24a4 head/engine
  14. Kswap into Eg, fuel line help
  15. Ktuned swap packages
  16. Just need some help putting a parts list together for a k20/k24 swap in my RSX
  17. to stop all the confusion this is the parts list for swapping k20a2 into ek and what
  18. K24A2 BAR’d swap into EP3?
  19. K20
  20. K20A2 Valvetrain and spring rate question
  21. Might buy a K20a
  22. Bad head gasket?
  23. k24 Turbo
  24. K24 won't rev past 6100rpm
  25. K20a2 semi built drop in or stage2?
  26. K24z7 swap wiring
  27. K24 into R53
  28. Will a K20A2 trans fit a K24
  29. Legit way to smog k series swap question
  30. Basic question about coolant
  31. K series daily driver worth it?
  32. b16 manifold on k20
  33. 1998 Civic K swap
  34. K24 turbo with dragcartel camshaft
  35. Need some information on the k24a engine
  36. Help: Car won’t go into gear.
  37. integra k20 swap cranks/no fuel/no start
  38. K24 honda turbo question
  39. Throttle body adapter
  40. PND K-Pro Reverse Lockout HELP!
  41. What valve spring compressor do you guys use?
  42. K20a3 vtec don't cross!!
  43. K series wiring harness which one is needed
  44. Eg kswap using ep3
  45. Oil Drain Plug Came Out with Oil Pan Threads on it...
  46. K20a3 build anyone done it ?
  47. Parts for k swapping an EK coupe
  48. K tuned shifter bushing
  49. Which K motor will be more fun on the highway?
  50. H Series Or Kseries
  51. K24z7 in a ek
  52. K20a bottem end nocking can you regrind the crank ??
  53. K20 Maintenance Parts Cross Compatability
  54. uncooperating oil rings
  55. is it possible to build this for $15000?
  56. Need help: what is connector plug A pin out #6
  57. K-series exhaust vs awd transfer case vs eg subframe
  58. Honda Insight K swap, which motor? questions
  59. K24/k20 swap
  60. Motor mounts for k20a in eg hatch
  61. k20a Swap
  62. Valvetrain noise k24/k20
  63. K20a2 chamber
  64. k24 vs k20.... LOOKS only
  65. K24 swap with K20
  66. engine swap
  67. k24 block with k20 transmission issue
  68. k24a4 into ej1 questions
  69. Is my 2nd gear syncho bad?
  70. Needing a motor
  71. Oil pump for stock k20z3
  72. Need info in K-swap Honda FIT 2003,,,engine mount kit ,subframe.....
  73. Parts needed for a K20 swap into a EJ9?
  74. k24z3 block questions
  75. Engine Rebuild Kit
  76. K24a8 Daily Driver Upgrade
  77. Use a 06 civic si ecu and harness for eg hatch swap????
  78. K24A2 motor compatible with K20A3(EP3) tranny
  79. C27A Pistons on a K24?
  80. k24z9 with k20 engine head?
  81. Honda Insight ECU Pinout
  82. RSX with K24 Swap - Injector Issue
  83. 2006 Accord Noise: Experience to Share
  84. California BAR: K24A2 into EG - need help
  85. About K24A Accord Engine
  86. K24 side mount pulley kit
  87. Help needed datalog attached, kpro'd k24 turbo in 03 RSX
  88. K24a engine looking...
  89. k24z vs k24a confusion
  90. F22 crank on K24 (Destroked 2.2L for 10000 RPM)
  91. 2009 tsx engine swap?
  92. K20z3 to a K24A tsx swap
  93. Best K24 longblock?
  94. k24a and k24a2 camshaft interchangeability
  95. How practical is “converting” a K20A3 to a desirable K20?
  96. AEM K-Series Fuel Rail 25-111BK
  97. K24A1 Cam tower compatible with K20A3
  98. K20A Injector Length
  99. Head gasket size for sleeved block
  100. K-Series Water lines for turbo cooling
  101. 04 Accord 5 speed wont shift into gears!
  102. K20 issues starting (cranking)
  103. iAt sensor
  104. New owner of a K20..need advice on what to do next
  105. Tsx pistons worth it?
  106. Does anyone have a resonator?!?!
  107. VTC actuator position for timing chain replacement on 2003 Accord K24
  108. Need new radiator.. get one with a fan???
  109. Need new radiator.. get one with a fan???
  110. A/C Delete on 8th gen SI
  111. 3 inch to 2.5 inch exhaust - causing problems!
  112. k20 Pressure washed motor... now so spark
  113. Questions about k20a2/k24
  114. Help a Newbie understand the K-series please
  115. K24a wiring help!!
  117. adjustable fpr for returnless system on tsx?
  118. What Kpro should I be looking at for K20A2 swap?
  119. 7th gen accord k24a8 with k20z3 head swap help!
  120. k20a2 Timing chain/VTC gear issue.
  121. Help! cluster not working after doing a k swap into 99ek
  122. Stock k20a2 inlet with centre feed tb
  123. mr2 electric ps pump in tsx?
  124. Wtb k20 eg motor mounts
  125. Transmission
  126. new to k world. best boltons combo
  127. EG K swap no-start.
  128. Honda K20 A
  129. Honda K20 A
  130. K25 Engine Compression Limits on E85
  131. HUGE compression loss after Spinrgs+retainer install k20a2.
  132. Cl7 EuroR eg swap wiring help!
  133. K20A eg swap questions
  134. 2006 CR-V K24A1 trans??
  135. Flash pro won't connect to ecu
  136. To build or buy a JDM K20 (1979 Mini Cooper Swap)
  137. Serpentine Belt comes off while driving.
  138. 06-08 k24a2 vs JDM k24a
  139. k20z3
  140. K20 Rocker Arm Issue?
  141. Could I use a K20Z1(06 RSX TYPE S) engine harness on a K20A3 Engine (EP3)???
  142. K24a2 with innovative k20 lean mounts???
  143. Ktuned electric water pump, plumbing Q's k20a2.
  144. Under car lean mount header options?
  145. EG K20RSwap costs? vs a H2b swap.
  146. 03 Accord k24a4 cranks but no spark to injectors (noid light tested) I need my car
  147. Difference between a 5 speed and a 6 speed k series clutch
  148. Head Heater port/hardline plug for k20a2.
  149. K24A3 Engine check unknown code
  150. Wiring fuel pump relay with ktuned conversion harness.
  151. Vtec not engaging
  152. Help deciding what TPS to use. HALL effect vs reg.
  153. K20a3 rebuild
  154. What is this port on the water pump, can i block it?.
  155. question regarding similarities in k24a2 and jdm k24a
  156. K20 integra problems with cold start
  157. Hey Did A KSwap in my rsx need help
  158. Questions about the K series
  159. K24Z7 Civic supercharger on K24Z3 Accord?
  160. tensioner piston sucks it's self in when valves close. skips 4-6 teeth!
  161. k20a2 Supertech DVS+retainers install question.
  162. K swap 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
  163. k24 HELP !! VTEC actvator or ECU Problem ?
  164. k24a4 tranny in k20/24 all motor build
  165. who has the best $1800 CNC ported head
  166. Em2 k swapped header fit a ep3
  167. Motor Mount for SK2 Alpha Header
  168. k23A1 swap
  169. 7gen type R vs Si
  170. Can I put a k24 head on a k20a3 block if so what would I need
  171. K20z3 EP3
  172. K20z3 EP3
  173. honda civic DX 1998 usa version
  174. What Computer Brand To Use
  175. K20 fitted at an angle
  176. Auto to manual Acura RSX
  177. 2005 ep3 k20a2 full swap
  178. Wiseco pistons in Washington, D.C. Area
  179. Rebuilding K24A1 w/ A2 Rods - New rod bolts or are old ones fine?
  180. HMotors K20 into an EG Parts List
  181. K24a2 Pistons Question
  182. K24 Del Sol Project
  183. Valve springs.
  184. Kswap need some help/info
  185. K Series Limit
  186. K swap starts then dies
  187. 2008 Element K24a8 ECU questions
  188. Gen2 CR-V with a K24A1- what are my AFFORDABLE upgrade/swap options?
  189. Info about the K24A4 .. Automatic
  190. K24 CB7
  191. Intermittent Fuel Cut / Misfires and CEL
  192. k20a2 with spun rod bearing
  193. K Series all motor HP potential, $$$, and which setup/ why??
  194. Best K series head/block combo for boost
  195. K20 CRV intake manifold swap options
  196. K24 P0328 code and steering wheel buttons not working
  197. 6266 Turbo on Honda EG
  198. 4 Piston is giving away a motor
  199. Hondata exchanged by Doctronic experiences
  200. Can I use RL-5 Rods on K24A1 pistons and block?
  201. suggestions?
  202. K20A4 (CRV SAE)
  203. K20Swap on Civic Ej1 - Electrical questions
  204. 98 Honda Civic HX engine swap conversions wanted
  205. Ignition coil 30520-pna-007
  206. JDM k24a questions
  207. K20A3 With K20A2 Internals ?
  208. Intermittent smoke from exhaust at random times?
  209. Wideband X narrowband problem.
  210. k24a2 in a 02 accord build idea
  211. K20A2 EP3 spark miss
  212. Post Your Skunk 2 Ultra Manifold!
  213. k20 removal
  214. which K20A motor for EK
  215. Ep3 k20a3/k24a2
  216. What ecu to buy for 02 rsx type s
  217. 06 typeS full ITR swap help.
  218. 205/50/16?
  219. K24A1 cam wear
  220. K20z3 Swap into 02 RSX
  221. Oil consumption
  222. K Series Complaint
  223. K24a4 Air/Fuel Calculations and Info
  224. K24z3 block k20a3 head?
  225. 92-95 EG Fuel Feed Line
  226. K20 engine number??
  227. Looking to buy a k24a1 eninge for my CRV *Cr-V
  228. K20 TWM itbs on a Z3 head clearances?
  229. 06+ k24a2 with K20 vts
  230. Skunk2 DIC
  231. How do I fix this?
  232. K swap dc2 with power steering drive belt lenght?
  233. EG bubble w K20a3 in it
  234. K series swap help?
  235. Grams injector issue
  236. Fully built k series
  237. extra k24
  238. K24a4 head w/ k24z7 bottom end
  239. tensioner reset
  240. Storing k24a2 long term
  241. Quick question about AWD conversion.
  242. EP3 or RSX radiator into K swapped DC2-R
  243. K24W1 Turbo/supercharger?
  244. k20A3 head quetions
  245. K24A2 Turbocharge build
  246. Looking to build a racer
  247. K20 turbo eg build
  248. Swap K24a4 for K24a
  249. k24/20 AWD Integra Build(slow)
  250. K series or B series