9-Second, Stick-Shifted, Turbocharged Integra Destroys V8s

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Turbo FWD monster walks a bunch of American muscle cars on their home turf. 

Drag racing is a lot of fun, and, of course, it’s more fun when you win. With this turbocharged Integra, the driver got to compound the fun by beating cars with three times the displacement. A lot of drag racers are devoted to all things American V8, so it takes a lot for an ‘import tuner’ to get respect at the strip. The little Acura got up and walked a Mustang GT500, which is a pretty good way to earn some of that respect. Even the guys from 1320Video were impressed as they filmed the takedown in action.

In the first round, the ‘Teg draws an easy victory against a convertible Pontiac Trans Am. From the moment the lights go green, the Integra is ahead and stays there for a relatively “slow” 9.5-second pass. It’s safe to say that getting a good launch in a manually-shifted front wheel drive drag racer is not easy. When this car hooks up for the first time, you’ll be forgiven for momentary speechlessness. In the second and third rounds, the Integra is out-launched by a pair of Mustangs. However, by the 1/8th-mile mark, the 1.8-liter has spooled up the big turbo and held the lead to the 1000-foot line.

This guy represents well for the Honda and Acura factions, putting down big power and hellacious launches to make the V8 boys hang their heads in shame. If you can handle the humiliation that the American Muscle heads are forced to endure, check out the video above. Think your Honda or Acura has what it takes to tussle with this beast? Do a bit of bench racing and weigh in on this gladiatorial takedown on the forum.

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