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Integra GS-R Auction Prices Continue to Soar

1994 Acura Integra GS-R BringATrailer Honda-tech.com

Low-mileage, and 99% stock, this may just be the perfect example of a DC2 Integra.

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9-Second, Stick-Shifted, Turbocharged Integra Destroys V8s

Honda-tech.com 9 second turbo Integra beats V8

Turbo FWD monster walks a bunch of American muscle cars on their home turf.  Drag racing is a lot of fun, and, of course, it’s more fun when you win. With this turbocharged Integra, the driver got to compound the fun by beating cars with three times the displacement. A lot of drag racers are […] More »

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Need An Integra With More Horsepower Than A New Z06? Of Course You Do!

honda-tech.com turbo integra GSR

This One Has A Few Different Stages For Its Turbo Set Up, And Even Dialed Back, It’s Still Making 450 Horsepower It seems to be easier than ever to make horsepower these days out of a GSR block, and one Integra owner from the mid-west has pushed that number all the way to an astonishing […] More »

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