The Honda Scene In Norway Is Vibrant (Video)

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HondaPro Jason flew to Europe to check out the Honda scene in Norway, and what he found is all kinds of wonderful.

Norway is not a country that springs to mind when we talk about car culture. They only have two car companies of their own that only the nerdiest of the nerds outside of Scandinavia could name. However, Scandinavia does have a habit of producing world class rally drivers, and Norway is no exception.

An NSX at the center of the Norwegian Honda scene.

That should probably be a clue to a rich vein of car culture running through Norway. And when it comes to Honda, Jason is the perfect person to check things out. He certainly found the Norwegian hardcore of Honda enthusiasts.

The first car he introduces to us is a Mugen NSX in race colors. If that’s not hardcore enough, the owner’s son is named after Ayrton Senna.

There’s no Acura brand in Europe, so the Integra name comes with the Honda badge. There are a lot of Integra Type R’s at the meet Jason is attending here. He also shows us some Civics, Preludes and a frantic 600 hp Del Sol. There are even some CRV’s at the end with trophies that go unexplained.

One of the highlights of the cars Jason explores is a professional 24-hour racing FK2 Civic Type R built by J.A.S Motorsport with an engine built by Mugen. The kicker is that the driver isn’t old enough to have his drivers license.

On the flip side of that, there’s a heavily modified ’98 Integra Type R that is still on its first owner, and that owner is 80 years old. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the evidence that there are no real age limits to the Honda scene.

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