Honda Civic Type R VS Subaru STI: Turbo Track Battle

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The new Honda Civic Type R is the hottest civic ever sold in the US. Will it beat the aging Subaru Sti on track?

The 306 horsepower turbocharged Honda Civic Type R is the most powerful civic ever sold in the US. It has four doors, a turbo, and is in the top end of sport compact segment. Naturally it competes with the Subaru Sti, VW Golf R, and Ford Focus RS. Thomas from E46 Reviews with T.H. takes the Type R and Sti out on the track to see how they compare.

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Before the track test, they decide to do a little drag race with the Focus RS, STI, and Type R. Both the Ford and Subaru have the aid of all-wheel drive. The Civic Type R, on the other hand, has the advantage of being over 300 pounds lighter. The launch of the race has the Type R in last place as the all-wheel drive helps the other two off the line. The Focus RS has the horsepower advantage and it shows all the way to the finish. The Type R is able to claw back the speed lost in the beginning against the Sti to finish second. The test is by no means definitive as drag racing results can vary based on a driver’s reactions. Although in this case the channel’s track driver was in the Type R, so the Civic did have the best chance to win.

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Thomas starts in the Subaru Sti on the track. He finds that the engine is old feeling in its response compared to the Type R. Also he experiences a bit of understeer when getting on the power. He then moves into the Civic Type R and is immediately in love with the shifter. Thomas finds The Honda Type R’s lighter weight chassis very toss-able. Check out the video to see how these to stacked up against the clock.

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