Spoon Sports Time Attack K20 Turbo Civic is Nuts

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Spoon Sports has been tuning and racing Hondas since 1988. Check out their crazy center seat turbo Civic Type R time attack car.

If you sent time playing Gran Turismo as a youth, then you knew about Spoon Sports before they ever sold a part in the US. Tuning cars in video games is one thing, but breaking world time attack records is what Spoon Sports is all about. The brand has been tuning Hondas since its inception in 1988.

In this episode of Hoonigans Daily Transmission two Spoon Sports USA Hondas are at the Donut Garage. The first is a brand new Civic Type R which is testing for development as a time attack platform. It has lowering springs, a cat back exhaust, wheels and tires. Spoon driver Daijiro Yoshihara just set a sub 2 minute lap time at Buttonwillow Raceway, which is very fast. The Spoon car is a very special FD2 Civic Type R time attack car.

spoon sports civic type r

This brightly wrapped Civic Type R was originally built by 5Zigen for time attack in Japan. It once set the record around Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. Once Spoon Sports saw this they bought the car. In 2014 it was brought over to Spoon Sport USA to compete in Super Lap Battle/ Global Time Attack. The Type R motor only has rods and pistons to go along with the single GTX35 turbo. It makes a maximum of 500 horsepower, but power is not the point. Spoon Sports is all about reliability and speed.

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Which brings us to the other trick piece of this car, the center seat. The conversion on the Type R to a center seat is purely for weight balancing. The driver is in the middle both side to side and as far back as possible. The front engine and front wheel drive means there is not need for a transmission tunnel. So, the floor is now completely flat and the driver’s setup is in the middle like a Formula One car. Check out the video to see these two Type Rs do a little race and let us know what you think in the comments.

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