The Acura NSX Is Perhaps The Most Daily Usable Sports Car

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There is noise, speed, and drama to be found behind the wheel of the NSX.

This is easily our favorite full-review video of Acura’s NSX. From word one, Hooniverse’s Jeff Glucker understands the NSX and what it was built for. Honda, as with the original NSX, was looking to build a sports car driving experience that nobody had ever felt before. Where the original did that simply by bringing a sense of Honda Accord normality to the super sports car market, the new car takes things a step beyond. In the last 25 years or so, supercars have all followed the original NSX model and become machines to deliver dramatic performance without dramatic ownership.

The door handle gets *ahem* excited as you walk up to the door. Most of this car’s drama is held in the exterior design, as this is a strikingly gorgeous two-seat mid-engine coupe. From the antennae-like side mirrors to the sculpted flying-buttresses (Jeff is right, that is a fun word to say), every angle of this NSX is strange and beautiful. Consider this a space ship and it looks perhaps normal, but as a car its design is certainly outside the norm. You’d almost believe you crafted this science-fiction space car out of a dream one night, and it drives like a dream, too.

All of that is to say nothing of the quality of the video itself. Some of the shots in this film are just as gorgeous as the Acura itself. The review is good because it’s framed in great shots and complementary music. We’ve watched it three times already, perhaps you should, too.

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