Honda Engines Power Odd Swaps Challenge Cars

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Super Street Online competition brings out awesome K- and J-swaps to Tuner Battle Week 2017.

We’ll never tire of seeing everybody drop Honda engines in their rides, and Super Street Online’s Odd Swaps Challenge brought out a trio of killer swaps. These rides from Tuner Battle Week 2017 really got our attention.

Our favorite here was probably Lalo Pineda’s K-swapped 1985 Toyota MR2. With a hybrid K24/K20 engine, Pineda says the mid-engined ‘Yota makes 480 horsepower. He was still breaking it in and had some teething troubles. However, with a mid-engined Honda making big power numbers, Lalo has himself a proper supercar.

Odd Swaps Challenge K24 Honda S2000

Jeff Ringer brought another killer K-swap, this one installed in an AP2 Honda S2000. With prices for replacement F-Series engines sky-high, he opted for a mild K24 build with hot cams and ITBs. Ringer’s “Japanese Small-Block Chevy” set him back $1,000. That comes in about $2,000 cheaper than an OEM S2000 engine replacement.

Evan Tran took a different tack with his 1993 Mazda Miata. At this point, people have swapped just about every engine into a Miata, including Honda K-Series engines. However, Tran went a different route. He nabbed the all-aluminum 3.5-liter J35 V6 from a Honda Odyssey.

Honda-Tech readers will know the significance of this, but for the uninitiated, that minivan engine makes 250+ horsepower without touching anything. They can make stout numbers with some tweaking, which was good enough to give Tran the second-quickest lap time in the time trial portion.

The Odd Swaps Challenge featured two parts of the competition, both of which were extremely straightforward. A dyno competition at World Motorsports Wind Tunnel in Torrance, California, rewarded the highest wheel horsepower. The following day saw competitors race the clock in time trials at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in California’s Central Valley.

Check out Super Street Online for more coverage of Tuner Battle Week 2017.

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