Rocket Bunny Time Attack Honda NSX Screams Around Mugello

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This is possibly the single most awesome NSX in all of Honda history. 

It is possible that you disagree, and that’s fine, but this is potentially the single best NSX ever built. Say what you will about Rocket Bunny widebody kits, but we think this one is particularly well executed, especially considering how well assembled this car appears to be. A widebody kit that is only used for “stunting” is no good to us. However, when it’s used to fit significantly more tire under the bodywork, and accompanied by serious and functional aero enhancements, that’s just the absolute bee’s knees. The LED full-width tail light assembly is just spectacular. Check out the above video from NM2255 Car HD Videos to see a bit more of the car.

According to the description under the video, this car has been prepared by Simoni Racing for the “Time Attack Italia” series. It’s powered by a Brian Crower 3.5-liter stroker V6. In addition to being able to scream up to 8,000 RPM, or more, this engine remains naturally-aspirated and still produces a wild 415 horsepower and about 300 lb-ft of torque. There are not many cars on circuit at one time, but the driver manages to pass most of them with relative ease. There is a very well-built BMW Z4 that leaves this NSX in its dust, but they don’t appear to be in the same class.

One detail of this car that we particularly appreciate? The use of a full-time rear-view camera in place of a mirror. This car has an engine intake snorkel, so the mirror would be utterly useless.

The absolute best part of this video occurs at the 2:30 mark, when the driver receives a telephone call to the iPhone on the dashboard he’s using as a lap timer. “SIRI, HANG UP, I’M BUSY! Honda Acura NSX Rocket Bunny Mugello time attack

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