Idaho Man Crashes His Honda Because He Wanted to Go to Jail

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Boise badass attempts to ram courthouse but is foiled by a fountain.

Police in Idaho responded to a crash in which Jonathan Locksmith reportedly tried to drive his 6th generation Honda Accord into the Ada County Courthouse in Boise but ended up defeated by a cement fountain in front of the building. According to Lt. Dana Borgquist with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office: “He drove his vehicle into the plaza, did one donut and then intentionally drove into the fountain.”

Also according to Borgquist, Locksmith had told someone that he was upset with the court system and wanted to be arrested and go back to jail. That person then contacted the police.

The 37-year-old driver has a history of infractions and criminal cases. However, there’s still no clue at this point as to why he was upset with the court system to the point of wanting to smash into the courthouse and go back to jail.


‘He drove his vehicle into the plaza, did one donut & then intentionally drove into the fountain.’


“He just told us he wanted to go to jail, and that’s where he ultimately went,” said Borgquist. “He clearly knew what he was doing and why.”

The good news is nobody was hurt, and even the Accord wasn’t badly damaged. Locksmith also got what he wanted. He’s been charged with a reckless driving misdemeanor and he currently resides in the Ada County jail.

Honda Accord crashed. Man goes to jail.

Motor Authority tells us that he wanted to drive into the actual courthouse. Given that there was also a flight of steps in the way, an Accord was a terrible choice of vehicle. We wouldn’t recommend anyone do something so stupid, let alone in anything less than an AWD Pilot to even stand chance.

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