Member Spotlight: H2B Turbo CRX Has Been in the Works for 10 Years

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Meet friend of Honda-Tech, Karla. She’s been in the game since May 2006 and has gradually earned the nickname “The Beast.” Well, at least to her owner, long-time member 88ED8. The Beast has undergone quite a transformation, both externally and internally, since her original sad red state. 88ED8 completely stripped her down, transplanted her heart, and dressed her up nicely.

Karla enjoys short runs on the track, long nights in the garage, and fresh sprays of H2O. But, alas, 88ED8 wanted more. Performance runs were good, but he wanted better. So, a new task was at hand: “Higher compression motor, smaller turbo, fatter powerband and lets not forget 4WD.” So, that kind of meant starting over.

Converting to a 4WD setup of course meant rethinking the axles:

“Instead of my original axle idea of ’97-’01 CRV passenger side Inners CV joints, ’94-’01 Integra outter CVs, and haveing a custom length shaft made from scratch and needing both ends splined. I am now going with 94-97 Accord automatic driver side axle..¬†The inner joint of it is identical to the CRV pass side inner joint and the length of the axle is more than long enough to use and only have to cut and spline one side of it for the Integra outter to fit. Basically, it should cost way less at an “axle shop” to have my axles made.”

There’s plenty more details¬†in the post. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you think of it), thanks to life and things like having a son, 88ED8 hasn’t updated it in a while, but it’s definitely worth the look.

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