6 Things That Will Break When You Stance Your Honda

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Yes, we know, you want to kill the game with your sick stanced out Honda and gain massive Instagram cred. Before you drop thousands to drop your car, let us first drop some knowledge on you.



1. Your Engine


It’s all fun and games until you crack an oil pan from being so low. It is only seconds after your Civic dumps four-and-a-half quarts of the finest 5W-30 on the pavement, that your crankshaft and rods will decide to play ping pong in your block. You can’t use JB Weld to fix that piston-shaped hole in the side of your block. Alternatively: If you have a Honda with a B-series, D-series or H-series engine, where the exhaust manifold is front facing, those shiny eBay headers are getting bashed in from being low. At least inevitable the exhaust leak will make your car sound like a beast in VTEC.


2. Your Suspension


“Jokes on you, these coilovers are brand new!” That’s great, but what about everything else? You slammed your ride and now the control arms are knocking? Sounds like you need new bushings. Your steering feels funny and there’s no fluid in the reservoir? Sounds like you wrecked the steering rack and need a new one, don’t forget to replace those tie rods, boots and ball joints that were scraping against the pavement.


3. Your Frame Rails

Frame Rails

What was that noise?! Consider yourself among an exclusive set, the frame-banging club. Another week’s worth of speed bumps, dips in the road, or even an errant pebble or leaf in the way, and your chassis’ pinch welds and frame rails will be more ground down, and flush than your sick wheel fitment.


4. Your Bumpers


And your fenders, and your side skirts, and if you park too close to a curb, your doors. What, you thought only the underside of your car was taking a beating? Those fenders aren’t going to last long if you’re rubbing that bad, better get those JDM zip ties and eBay bumper quick disconnects ready. Actually, it might be easier to take the bumpers off altogether for driving. Chuck them in the back seat and you can put them back on when/if you make it to the car meet.


5. Your Wallet


“Air suspension is too expensive!” they say, as they buy a set of $900 B.C. Racing coils, remove the lock collars and set their cars to max low. Well, now you’re slammed on those weak, stock wheels. $1500 later, you have a set of baller (used) Volk wheels and some off-brand stretched tires. But wait, there’s more! With your slammed ride and -6* of camber, you’re going through tires every 5000 miles. Oh, you stretched those tires too much and after hitting a pothole you have a bent rim? Man, replacement JDM Volks can’t be cheap! That’s okay because you’re killing the game, almost as much as you’re killing your bank account.


6. Everyone’s Necks


We may mock, but the truth is, everyone at Cars and Coffee is checking you out way more than us. Whether it’s contempt or respect, there is no denying the over the top visual appeal of a well set up stanced car.


For more information on maintenance and repairs, please check out our do-it-yourself technical articles at https://honda-tech.com/how-tos/.

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