Play Track Day With a B16A CRX Si

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This has to be one of the best-sounding CRXs we’ve heard recently. Mr. Steve Moore recently posted this video of him driving his Si around Portland International Raceway, and we have to say, we like what we’re seeing.

His car is a 1991 CRX Si that has a full B16A swapped into it. It also has a Skunk2 exhaust, a custom intake, TIEN coils for lowered suspension, and VOLK Rays te-37 wheels. Right now it’s running about 165 horsepower, he says, and his goal is to eventually get to 10 lbs per horsepower. He lapped the track in 1:43 and got up to 120 mph on the straight, and he’s working toward the car being able to reach 200. So how’d he get it to sound that good? It’s a custom job, of course.

“The stock b16a sir V exhaust manifold is more than capable of 200+ horsepower (I’m putting out about 165 right now ‘since I’m still obd0) except for where it connects to the exhaust pipe itself.,” he wrote on his Reddit post. “The mainfold is a 4-2-1 which is pretty cool but where it goes to 1 its only 1.5 inches, so I had a local shop chop it short and put a megan racing 2.5 flange. The exhaust is Skunk2 ‘megapower.”

His hopeful future purchases include ODB1, throttle body, and a new fuel pump. Keep up the good work, champ.



via [Reddit]

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