Which Honda/Acura (Not the NSX) Would You Take for Free?

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It’s a simple but complicated question all at the same time: if Honda and Acura let you choose one brand new car that you could have for free, what would you pick? You’re not allowed to sell it back, you will have to pay insurance on it, it’ll be up to you to store it, and no, you may not choose the NSX.

A lot of factors could go in to people’s decisions here. What do they have now? What will they need in the future? Should you get something that does it all, but with worse gas mileage so you can spend your own money on a fun toy? Or should you get a small practical sedan that will meet most needs? Or do you want the CRZ, just cause it has the most style of the bunch?

As of the screen capture of the poll (click this link to see the live results), the RLX was in the lead. That might be because it’s the most luxurious of the whole lot. Or it could just be because it’s a nice, comfortable sedan with lots of great tech.

What would you pick?


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