Is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Really an Accord Coupe Rip-off?

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Well, to be short, nah. If you really think Mercedes-Benz and AMG designers are looking at Hondas for inspiration, well, that’s an interesting take. And by interesting, I mean highly unlikely. That said, I completely understand why you’d see the Benz and think of the Accord Coupe. A side-by-side shows that there are a lot of similarities.

Long-time Honda-Tech member George Knighton is the originator of this idea. On the forums, he created a thread titled “2017 Mercedes Accord Coupe” and posted up photos of the Benz, along with the caption, “Hilarious. Just…hilarious. :-).”

It’s fair. I’ve surely made plenty of car design comparisons that are way more of a stretch than this. The fact that the shape of the greenhouse is nearly identical plays a lot into it. The beltline on the Benz is much flatter, but the second crease below is almost the same. Even the rear is extremely similar.


The biggest difference is the nose. The wheelbase on the C-Class is 111.8 inches compared to the Accord’s 107.3 inches. That’s a huge difference, and the design reflects it. The Accord has a much more sloped and bigger nose while the C-Class is stubby and small. The bigger wheels on the C-Class also give off a much different feel.

So, yeah, they look similar. Are they the same? No. Is it a copy? Ehhh, doubtful. Are they both nice cars? Sure, but one costs a whole lot more.

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