With Enough Work, Even a Budget Civic Can Become Clean

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Tired of hearing ‘I know what I have’ when car shopping? Avoid it all by saving a cheap Civic!

It’s easy to pass up a car that needs a bit of work. It’s even easier to pass up a car that is in really rotten shape. However, we feel you really should buy a cheap Civic, at least once. Friends and family might think you’re crazy, but if you have the means to set aside some work on it for a few weeks, you can come up with a custom masterpiece. And that is exactly what 79th Productions did.

In this video, we see a Civic EJ6 bought for $300. It seems like an impressively low amount to pay for a ride, but on further examination, the car resembles the price. Rod knocking could be heard from the B18 engine, and the paint and bodywork is in lousy condition. The car is in need of help, so the first thing to do was to tear it down.

cheap clean civic build

Starting with the troublesome power-plant, the original B18 was ditched in favor of a B20. Before that new engine was installed, it was totally cleaned of all grease and grime and refreshed with new seals. Finally before install, the block was painted, and Honda’s signature wrinkle-red finish was added to the valve cover.


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Paint work on the car itself included the engine bay, which was now a shiny gloss black in preparation for a new motor, but on the outside of the car, more work needed to be done.

Paint work is one of those things that takes talent and skill, and more importantly the right tools. If time is on your side, that cheap Civic could be perfect for experimentation. After all, if you screw up painting a fender or a panel, you can always prep it again and re-paint it. The equipment and paint prep items used in this video is all described as inexpensive, and approachable by just about any average enthusiast.

cheap clean civic build

In the end, you can see a completed Civic, undeniably clean as can be, and also very fitting for the “built not bought” category of car enthusiasts. Aside from setting a car aside for a little while, we see no downside to buying and reviving a cheap Civic.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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