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Second Generation Honda CRX SiR

This second-gen CR-X has us pining for some parts to overnight from Japan.

We always keep our eyes peeled for cool Instagram accounts to follow, and we bring you the best of what we find. We came across chaahan0310’s account a little while ago, and she has a super clean second-gen CR-X that’s got us putting our Google Translate to good use. Also, thank goodness for people who tag their IG posts, otherwise it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at sometimes.

This is probably a 1989-1991 model year CR-X, on account of it being an SiR model and thus sporting a B16A engine. This is legit old-school VTEC right here. The engine that launched a thousand magazines. Not only that, the CR-X is wearing a Mugen PRO.2 body kit. According to Mugen’s history site, the body kit was introduced in 1988 to commemorate the CR-X running in the Formula One Grand Prix at Suzuka as a marshal car.

The owner also has a thing for wheels, since she goes from WORK Equip 03’s, to a set of perennial favorites: Volk Racing TE37s in white. Though, she didn’t stop there. A few posts later the CR-X wears a set of white WORK Meister S1’s wheels with a chrome lip.

Inside the CR-X has an Italvolanti wood-rimmed steering wheel. Information is scarce on the brand, but the nearest we could gather is they’re normally favored by the European car crowd and finding hubs can be a challenge. The steering wheels were apparently factory upgrade options for VWs, BMWs and the like. Leave it to the Japanese to do something interesting.

This CR-X is basically just a lightly modified SiR, but that’s okay in our book. Often all you need is a more supportive seat, a little stance, and better wheels/tires to add your own flair to a car. Though we enjoy modifying these cars, Honda did some wonderful things from the factory.

What would you modify next on this CR-X?

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