Honda Civic Takes on Brutally Honest Car Reviewer

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Honda’s Civic is the only marque where the base model is as hyped as the top dog Type R.

They exist at every car show, meet and cruise night. The Honda fan boy gang. They can find a way to position Honda higher than any other brand. Their mental logic to get around inadequacies of some Honda models (usually their own car) is often met with how haters make them famous, and that their car wasn’t meant for you. Bobby from Muscle vs Tuner takes this hilarious aspect of these self-hired Honda ambassadors and puts the highlight on the worst of them.

Bobby leads in the video with a well-known fact; “Honda Civics are either the worst or best car ever made depending on who you ask.” Actually, those two are fringe groups. Even enthusiasts like us here at Honda-Tech know that Honda has had some flops, and that they also make some incredibly good cars too. But convincing a Dodge SRT enthusiast with an LX trim Civic won’t happen.


And pre-sarcasm, it didn’t happen. Bobby talks about wanting to drive it into a tree, fearing for his life and compares the sound of the car’s exhaust to a grizzly bear’s bowel movements. But slap on some sarcasm and some “Honda attire,” and the world is much more clear. This Honda Civic is awesome.


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Immediately, Bobby goes from annoyed man driving a ratty Civic to excited pre-teen who’s only knowledge of cars comes from the YouTube comments section. VTEC is met with literal screams of joy. Bobby’s real delight comes from how those 15 inch Acura rims and tires hug the turns. He says, “alright so we got a couple sharp turns up here, let’s go into them and see how it feels.” His reaction? It gave us one of the biggest laughs of the entire video; “Dude this thing handles better than a Lambo!”

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites for Internet Brands, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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