B18C1-Swapped EK Civic Drives Rather Aggressively

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Integra GS-R heart and laundry list of rare and expensive parts may make this the ultimate EK Civic.

Engine swaps are nothing new in the world of Honda. But when we came across this B18C1-swapped EK Civic, we knew we had stumbled upon something truly special. Even in stock form, theĀ USDM Integra GS-R mill is a pretty special little hunk of metal, after all. Toss one in an EK Civic, and you’ve got a recipe for success. But this particular build doesn’t just stop there, of course.

The current owner actually didn’t build the car, but jumped at the chance to buy it. Even though the seller wouldn’t let him drive it or see it before handing over the cash. Suffice to say, any worries he had about that risky transaction vanished after his first pull in the car. According to the new owner, the builder poured “excessive amounts of money” into the build. And we don’t doubt it.

B18C swapped EK Civic

Some of the parts list includes a Spoon carbon hood, wing, plugs, wires, plug cover, and brake lines. Mugen bits include the shift knob and pedals. The instrument cluster, front fenders, headlights, grille, and rear bumper are all Type R. They’re joined by J’s Racing tow hooks, 12:1 compression JE pistons, and a Spoon N1 exhaust, just to name a few. And that’s just the start.

So how does this swapped EK Civic drive? Well, in the words of the new owner, “aggressive.” You won’t find any frills such as power steering, unnecessary interior parts, or even windshield wipers. But who needs those? What matters is that deliciously uneven power-to-weight ratio, which makes the car pull like a workhorse. Power delivery is pretty linear until you hit 6k, and then things escalate quickly.

B18C swapped EK Civic

One of our reviewers calls it the “ultimate EK Civic,” which might just be true. Now we’re just waiting for our chance to get behind the wheel!

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