Running a 54 PSI on a B18C Integra Takes Some Crazy Technology!

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Built for runway drag racing, this Integra’s fail-safes are as impressive as the power numbers.

Muscle cars seem to be a favorite among racers who hit runways for 1/2-mile and longer races. As such, English Racing‘s DC2 Acura Integra stands out as a flag bearer for front-wheel drive and Honda powered cars. Myles Kerr heads the operations at English Racing, and in this video goes into extreme detail on how to keep over 50PSI of boost from blowing up the B18C engine.

Obviously, everything in the block is strengthened. Sleeving the block was simply a requirement, considering 54psi would be crammed down the intake via the Precision 7675 Gen II turbo. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that upgraded pistons and connecting rods are in there as well. However, how do you monitor something which is built right to an inch of its life?

DC2 Integra B18C drag car

At the sharp end of 200 miles per hour, it’s easier (and safer) to back out of a run if there’s an engine issue rather than blowing a motor. Kerr explains further the nuances of running such high boost, “I learned the hard way about not having a coolant pressure sensor on a car. A perfect example is I torched the head because cylinder pressure breached the gasket and damaged the head.” To prevent that from happening again, he has a sensor installed to detect anything above 24psi worth of coolant pressure. Above that benchmark, the engine will shut down to save itself from further destruction.


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It’s not easy to channel all that power to the wheels, either. Straight cut gears in this dog box transmission are pretty much a necessity with all the power, and that allows quick shifts. Kerr claims there’s only a 2psi drop between shifts as well. Shifts can be done clutchless, but Kerr is doing full throttle clutch shifting for now.

DC2 Integra B18C drag car

Interestingly, Kerr touches on something else unique about the Integra; its secondary 16v fuel pump runs on batteries from an RC car… Now there’s something we would have never guessed.

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