All-Wheel Drive Civic EG Hatch Runs 7-Second Quarter Mile

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Civic features a big turbo on a 2.0-liter engine, a dog box transmission and lots of weight reduction.

The video above comes to us from That Racing Channel on YouTube and it features one of the nastiest Honda Civic EG hatchbacks that we have ever seen. This car is fitted with a turbocharged engine that makes monster power, but making this car so quick is the high performance all-wheel drive system. Daniel Rodriguez, better known as Frustrate EG online, is the owner and driver of this car and after spending lots of time in the low-8-second range, he was able to click off an incredible 7-second run.

The Build

During the middle of the video, the camera catches up with Rodriguez to discuss his car and his awesome 7-second run. At that point, he is asked to describe his build, but he is so excited and so out of breath that he has a hard time conveying the information. He thanks everyone who helped him get to the 7s and he repeatedly explains that it is a fairly simple build, but his details on the build are a bit hard to follow.

7-Second Civic EG Hatch on Track

Fortunately, the video details list the key aspects of this stunning Civic race car. That includes a 2.0-liter K20 engine fitted with a Precision 76/85 turbocharger, a PPG “dog box” manual transmission, an Action triple-disc clutch, Insane axle shafts, a suspension setup from ESM and an E98 tune by Karel Tuning that leads to roughly 1,300 horsepower. Of course, it also has the all-wheel drive system that allows this little hatchback to make use of all of that turbocharged power.

7-Second Civic EG Hatch Engine

The Record Run

While the video above is almost six minutes long, we watch just two runs by this wicked all-wheel drive Civic EG hatch. The video begins with a quick look at the in-car footage of the record run, followed by a series of panning shots of the car in the pits. After that, they head out to the track for the good part.

Rodriguez and his Civic roll to the beams alongside another old school Honda race car. As engine speeds rise, each car lights all of the staging bulbs and both drivers take the car to their peak launch speed on the two-step. Anti-lag systems cause both engines to pop loudly and when the green lights drop, the dueling Civic race cars blast away from the line.

7-Second Civic EG Hatch Rear

The green car gets a slightly better start, leading the race early on and Rodriguez never looks back, beating the car in the right lane but more importantly, he finally ran the 7-second run he had been chasing. To be exact, Rodriguez ran a 7.98 at 187 miles per hour while the other car ran a respectable 8.16 at 176 miles per hour, so this is really an excellent showcase of Honda performance.

Honda Civic 7-Second Board

The video ends with the all-wheel drive Civic making one more run, laying down an 8.31 at 179 miles per hour with a big slower launch.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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