Reborn Acura NSX: Was it Worth the Wait?

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Gotham Dream Cars’ Rob Ferretti drives the NSX and wonders if it’s worth it.

There are few new performance cars as polarizing as the new NSX. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the NSX comes with a lot of baggage.

The original NSX is almost universally revered, with admirers the world over. It has plenty of fans, and comparisons are inevitable. While the new car would absolutely destroy an original NSX on any race track you could imagine, it’s hard to deny the impact of the original car in the context of its era. It was relatively¬†inexpensive, reliable, comfortable, and somewhat practical. It’s still an attractive, fun-to-drive car even today that gets looks everywhere it goes.


Not helping matters is the protracted development cycle of the NSX. In an era where many were doubting Honda’s performance credentials, it seemed that the car was a pipe dream, destined to be canceled at several points during its development. Now that it’s finally here, many wonder if it was worth the wait. Gotham Dream Cars’¬†Rob Ferretti recently had a chance to drive one and weighs in with this video.

Ferretti has several hot takes in the video, and to paraphrase, he states that the car is almost too good at going fast, and as a result is not as much fun to drive as he expected. It’s completely drama-free, and acceleration is smooth and effortless.

He has a lot of praise for the nine-speed transmission, even going so far as to say that people who deride it don’t know how to get the most out of the car. He points out that even though it’s very different from the original — which may be its downfall — it’s equally well-suited to daily-driver duties as the original.

Ferretti suggests snagging one when they drop down to about $125,000. Would you daily drive a new NSX?

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