Acura vs. Lexus Fight Exits Dealerships and Enters the Race Track

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Sage Karam, Lexus RC F GT3 driver and IMSA’s boy-band baby face causes mayhem brake-checking Acura NSX.

Let’s start with a foreign concept (to some): brake-checking is never a good idea. Unless you’re at your local fair’s bumper car rides, it’s a dangerous move and can cost someone their life, or in this case, a race position.

During the last round of the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, Sage Karam and Katherine Legge’s ran into some trouble. Their on-track antics resembled much of what Acura and Lexus corporate offices do on a monthly basis. They fight. To the death. Okay, maybe not quite to the death, but it can get quite heated. Thankfully, even the respective companies’ CEOs don’t brake-check each other the way Karam did Legge at Virginia International Raceway.


It all started with Legge offering the Lexus boys some heated competition. She stuck her NSX in between the two RC Fs and made a run for it down the back straight. Just as all three cars got ready to hit their braking point, Karam overreacted and put two tires on the grass. Hot-tempered Karam blamed Legge for “pushing him out,” so he allegedly brake-checked her in the following corner. Unfortunately, this caused Legge’s hood latch to break, flipping her hood open, forcing her to come into the pits, losing valuable time and positions.


The debate eventually got pretty heated, with Karam claiming that he didn’t brake-check her and that it was the fault of “dirty tires.” As most normal folks do nowadays, the fight continued on Twitter for many hours after the race.

If you take a closer look at the initial move on this video by CrashRacing, Legge never really pushed Karam out of the track limits. The young Lexus racer simply thought she did and swerved hard for no reason.

Perhaps it’s time to go in for an eye exam, Sage?

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