Myth Busted: Can You Hit VTEC in Reverse?

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We know about the face-ripping power that can happen when VTEC kicks in going forward. But what about when in reverse?

As the folks from Car Throttle accurately once said, the question of whether VTEC can be activated in reverse gear “is as old as time itself.” Well, at least as old as VTEC itself. But that being said, why haven’t we seen anyone else try this before?

There’s really not much to say here. After a quick Honda VTEC 101 lesson, we get to witness the first (to our knowledge) major video attempt to hit 4,500 rpm in reverse, in order to activate the oh-so-loved VTEC “whine.” Without much ado, we’ll shut up and allow you to enjoy the magic that is a beat-up Honda hauling ass backwards.


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