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Honda Civic Type R: What Makes It So Awesome

Honda Civic Type R Engine Video

Engineering Explained‘s Jason Fenske explains how the front-drive Civic Type R beats all of its AWD competitors.

  Comments | By - November 16, 2018

EG Civic Owner Explains the Secret to Making 1,100-Horsepower

Running an Acura TL engine, this Civic is hitting nearly 200 miles per hour in a standing half-mile.

  Comments | By - November 14, 2018

Turbo Civic Scares Dodge Demon in High-speed Half-mile Race

800-Horsepower Honda Civic

Civic EG hatch uses taped up panels and 800 horsepower engine to destroy all challengers.

  Comments | By - October 31, 2018

Retro Rewind: Seventies Commercial for Honda Civic is One Crazy Caper

1976 Honda Civic Brochure

Retro awesome Honda commercial showcases the virtues of the Civic CVCC.

  Comments | By - October 30, 2018

Honda Civic Type R: What’s It Really like to Live With?

Honda Civic Type R

Sure, the new Civic Type R is great in short spurts, but is it a suitable daily?

  Comments | By - October 18, 2018

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