Best Motoring: Honda NSX Type S is the ‘DK’ Special

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Best Motoring‘s Hot Version episode 41 saw the NSX Type S flying sideways around the Hero Shinoi Circuit.

Best Motoring ran between 1987 and 2011 as a monthly video series that focused mainly on stock factory produced cars. Hot Version ran every other month to feature tuned cars and, due to its popularity, managed to run a little longer. Currently, some of both series are available on Amazon but its hard to find them all together, and some episodes are hard to find online at all. The Best MOTORing official YouTube channel recently released Hot version 41 featuring the NSX Type S. Unfortunately, subtitles aren’t available and our Japanese is patchy at best.

Best Motoring: Honda NSX Type S DK Special

The “Drift King” behind the wheel is, of course, Keiichi Tsuchiya, that guy that played a fisherman in that movie one time. More often known as the NSX-S, the NSX Type S is the often forgotten JDM-only NSX, a car best defined as a more refined Type-R.

If a stock NSX is a bit soft for you, but a Type-R is too raw, the NSX-S is probably the perfect balance. It comes with lightweight BBS wheels, Recaro buckets, a MOMO steering wheel, titanium shift knob, harder than stock suspension and a 45kg weight saving. There was also an NSX S-Zero which got closer to the Type-R by shaving yet another 50 kilograms (110 pounds), and lost any equipment that made it comfortable rather than improved performance.

But, it’s the NSX-S that Tsuchiya is thrashing around the track in his super-controlled and balanced on the edge style. The Best Motoring crew also compare the NSX-S with an Integra Type-R and Mitsubishi Evo V RS. The shots of the cars through the S section of bends show just how composed the NSX-S is on track. As far as our limited Japanese can tell us, they weren’t impressed by the other cars compared to the NSX-S by quite a distance.

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