Turbo Integra Build Is a Dual Purpose Dynamo

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Acura Integra

Building a street/track car is much like a balancing act. But this Honda-Tech member pulled it off with ease.

While a few of us go all out and build cars specifically for the track, that typically isn’t the norm. Most cars are built to be driven mostly on the street and occasionally on the track, after all. Builds generally need to fulfill more than one purpose because of cost, and sometimes other various reasons. Such is the case with Honda-Tech member 9TechNine9 and his Integra, as he further explains in the car’s fascinating build thread.

“I’ll start with just a little bit about the car – Previously turbo’d with a Precision SC50 w/ blox cast manifold on 91 octane. She made 275whp/190lbs tq on 10psi w/ a decent torque curve. This was my first ever turbo car.

Had the car for a few years just doing maintenance and doing suspension, tire and wheel upgrades so I could finally get it to hook. I always wanted to upgrade and make it my own though. Last summer I gouged my radiator and decided it was time to take the leap.”

Acura Integra

The goal of the OP’s first-ever turbo build? To make this Integra a street car that also doubles as an autocross and time attack superstar. With that in mind, a long parts list materializes along with a goal of producing around 350 reliable horsepower.

The project kicked off with the OP welding up some radiator supports and plumbing the turbo goodies. Despite an admitted lack of experience, that work didn’t turn out half bad. Which just goes to show you that you can learn fab skills on your own, after all.

After a load of fitting, reworking stuff, and fitting again, the Integra was finally all back together. So it was off for some tuning!

Acura Integra

“The tune exceeded my expectations yet again! It took them about an hour or more to get the tank drained, filled with E85 and engine fired up with a base tune. During the actual tune the only issue I had was blowing off charge pipes (it happened like 3 times). I guess when I replaced the couplings I didn’t tighten down the T-bolt clamps very much. Other than that, very minor boost creep. Shane thinks its due to my 4 port Hondata boost controller, which he found is pretty sensitive.

Result – 376 hp and 253 lb-ft @ 16 psi. 96% injector duty cycle but he was tuning rich, because I don’t have an ethanol content sensor (said this was plug and play). Absolutely zero knock (last tune this was my limiting factor on pump gas). ECT’s were ~190 degrees , it was about a 60-70 degree day though. Limiting factors were stock fuel pump, wiring, and intercooler.”

After a few break-in miles and the OP’s first track day, this Integra proved to be even more impressive. But this is just the beginning of this cool build’s journey. Be sure and head over here to stay tuned for future updates!

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