Civic Hatch is a Fire-Breathing, 10-Second Street Car

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Night at the drag strip yields four 10-second slips and a new personal best for this Civic hatch.

The video above comes to us from the Boosted Bois YouTube channel and it features Kyle Wade’s Civic EK hatch making a handful of runs down the quarter mile. He is shooting for the 9s, but he ends up happily settling for a new personal best.

The Details

The details are short on this Honda Civic hatchback, but we learn later in the video that it is running an “eBay turbo” and stock axles with huge slicks. In most cases, an eBay turbo and stock Honda axles don’t lead to a very quick car, but this EK is crazy quick, with Wade shooting for the 9-second range.

Kyle's EK Civic Hatch

Mind you, he drove this car to and from the track and prior to coming to this quarter mile track, he hit the half-mile and made a handful of 160-mile per hour passes on the longer track.

In addition to Wade’s car, we see a handful of other built Civic race cars, one of which is being piloted by Brent of PFI Speed and another is a rear-drive conversion car, so this video is chock full of high performance Honda goodness.

Rear Drive Civic

Chasing 9s

The video begins with Wade giving us a brief rundown of his goals and concerns for the day while Brent does some last minute tuning work. Once that is all squared away, the cars head for the staging lanes and eventually they make their way onto the track.

On the first run, Wade runs Brent in one of his customer’s cars in what is expected to be an exciting race. Unfortunately, Brent launches in third gear and the car dies at the line, allowing the red Civic to blast to an easy win. On this run, Wade’s car spun pretty severely leaving the line and boost pressure was surging, but the hatch still ran a 10.87 at 136 miles per hour.

Civic Hatch Duel

After some tuning efforts to try to stop the boost surging issue, the red Civic heads back to the track for the second run of the night. On this run, the traction is good on the launch and boost pressure is good throughout the run, but Wade misses second gear, leading to an elapsed time of 10.78 at 138 miles per hour.


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After getting that 10.7 run while missing second, Wade had high hopes for his third run of the night and although the boost levels were once again surging, the Civic went a little quicker – running a 10.64 at 137 miles per hour.

Finally, on his last run of the night, Wade dropped the pressure in his slicks down to just 7.5 pounds with the hopes of getting better traction and a 60-foot time in the 1.6 range. He didn’t get that 1.6, but boost levels were more consistent and he got through all of the gears cleanly, laying down a stunning 10.3 at 141 miles per hour. That is his new personal best, so while he didn’t get 9s on this trip – Wade and his Civic are headed in the right direction.

Kyle in the EK Civic

At the end of the video, we watch him put the street tires on his 10-second Civic and head home, blowing fire through the hood while cruising down the road.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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