The Smoking Tire Hits the Canyons in Honda Civic Track Car

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This well built Civic track car is a testament to how much fun you can have on a budget while building your skill level.

When Matt Farah announced he wasn’t going to do the Smoking Tire One Take videos anymore it looked like the end of an era. Thankfully, the Smoking Tire podcast‘s co-host Zack Klapman has stepped up to keep the video series going. Klapman is smart, knowledgeable, and not afraid to drop a one-liner from out of nowhere. He’s an excellent choice to keep the One Take flame alight, and a Honda Civic track car is an excellent choice for the first car he takes for a spin.

Honda Civic Track Car

It’s an excellent choice because, as Klapman points out, Internet snobbery has led to front-wheel drive cars being massively underrated. And it’s not just that FWD is a great and inexpensive way to get into a car and learn to really drive. That certainly is true. They are much more forgiving of driver error than rear-wheel drive. Understeer is generally easier to correct than oversteer and FWD cars exist because they are cheaper to build than the Internet car snobs drivetrain of choice. But, learning to drive a FWD also car brings its own rewards. Particularly when it’s not too over-powered for the driver.


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The term slow-car fast has become a cliche. But, cliches tend to be cliches for a reason. Learning to extract every last ounce of performance helps to hone skills. Plus, it’s much more rewarding than just having to point the car then either mash the brakes or the throttle go fast. Once the owner of this Civic track car builds his skills, he’s going to enjoy the hell out of seeing the look on the face of people driving faster cars while he passes them in the corners.

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