Old NSX vs. New Civic Type R in Epic Honda Battle

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Honda Motor Company’s greatest sports car takes on their newest performance car in a series of thrilling races.

It can be argued that the Honda NSX (or the Acura NSX, if you prefer) is the greatest performance car in the history of Honda Motor Company. The newest performance car from the Japanese automaker is the Civic Type R and in the video above, the team from the carwow YouTube channel puts the two go-fast machines head-to-head in a series of races.

NSX Vs Civic Type R Dig Race

Racing from a Dig

The first race pits the 2005 NSX against the 2017 Civic Type R in a standing drag race. The two run down the quarter-mile, although the race takes more than 30 seconds to watch with the wonders of the production process.


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Not surprisingly, the rear-drive NSX gets away from the starting line better than the front-drive Civic, with the sleek supercar pulling out to a big early advantage. Over the course of the race, the Type R slowly reels in the NSX, but the mid-engine machine gets to the finish line first – but only by a narrow margin.

Honda NSX

In the end, the NSX runs a 13.5 while the Civic runs a 13.6, with the Honda/Acura supercar wining by just over a length.


Next, the two Honda performance cars go at it in a roll race staring at 50 miles per hour in third gear. On go, they both hammer down and the Civic Type R immediately jumps ahead.

2017 Civic Type R

From there, the new hatchback just keeps on walking away, handing the supercar a beating from a roll.

Stopping Battle

Finally, the 2005 NSX and the 2017 Civic Type R went head-to-head to see which could get stopped faster from 70 miles per hour. They raced to a cone and when they got there, both drivers slammed on the brakes. The NSX stopped quickly, but the Civic stopped a few feet shorter.

NSX Vs Civic Honda Stopping

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this series of battles between the classic Honda NSX and the new Civic Type R.

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