Love Civic Hatches? Check Out this Awesome Custom EG6 (Video)

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TRA Kyoto designer Kei Miura showcases his stunning personal ride.

Kei Miura is the man who runs TRA Kyoto, the company that makes Rocket Bunny and Pandem body kits (among others). He’s the designer responsible for a style that’s swept across the world, from Civics to BMWs. Though, if the exposed rivet style isn’t your thing, you might not be as much of a Miura fan. No matter your feelings on rivets, his personal EG6 is a thing of beauty. For the unfamiliar, it’s a 1992-1995 EG6 Honda Civic hatchback. That’s where the familiarity stops though. Before we get too far, just watch the video in its 4K glory.

To back up just a touch, if you want to know more about Miura, check out this great older feature by Speedhunters, or this one. As you can see in this more recent coverage, this guy is doing what he knows how to do. And he’s doing it damn well. Miura goes from vision to reality in about a month. This is both why he’s been so successful, and how his kits have ended up seemingly everywhere.

Kei Miura EG6 Hatch Pandem 1.5

Now, his Civic. This thing is clean, and it’s loud. No doubt because Miura wants it that way. He grew up loving bosozoku style, and even in some subtle ways it shows in this build. The body work that sticks out further than it needs to, the straight pipe, the flashy styling. Though nowhere near as extreme as some, toned down isn’t bad. He’s designed the body kit specifically for the Tokyo Auto Salon, which usually takes place in January.

Kei Miura EG6 Hatch Pandem 1.5

If you read a few of those profiles on Miura you’ll see Kanjo, which is short for Kanjozoku. Miura comes from the generation of pioneers who set the stage for Japanese car culture and styling. Check out this eight-minute film for a little Kanjo learning. Short version: they’re street racers in Osaka who could care less about the police, and just drive fast.

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