Meet the First American-built Acura NSX Made

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VIN 00001 is the first Acura NSX to be built on American soil and produced for sale. It also fetched $1.2 million dollars at auction.

In this video from HondaPro Jasonhe takes us on a tour of the very first production Acura NSX made on American soil. It was sold off with the proceeds going to charity. As a bonus, VIN 00001 also broke the record for the highest priced “chassis number 1 car” ever sold at Barrett-Jackson.

Honda’s supercar has a legendary status that no doubt helped the auction price of the first of the new breed. The money may have gone to charity, but the owner really wanted that particular car.

Aura NSX VIN 000001 is the first model built on American soil at the Ohio plant.

The story of the original NSX is of a car that can take on the might of the Italian supercar brands with a different philosophy and approach to engineering performance. The end result was a V6 engine that matched the power output of a Ferrari 328, and the first mass-produced aluminum body. As a little bonus, Jason also shows us around one of those cars with just 6,000 miles on the clock.

We can see the new NSX carries the same DNA as the car that built the legend. It may not have had Ayrton Senna involved in its development, but it’s still a drivers supercar. While Italian stallions are making the headlines with their next overpriced variations and special editions, the NSX is actually being driven. But still, with the probability of an Type R version on the way, the legend of the NSX will only grow. Italian supercars aren’t going away, and we don’t want them to. What we specifically want is for Honda to keep pushing the envelope and make performance cars that work in the real world. And if they embarrass the odd horse or bull, then that’s just icing on the cake.

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