How to Operate a Manual Transmission 101, By Honda

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Honda is one of few automakers that still has the gumption to put manual transmissions in their cars, now they’ve made an instructional video.

Honda really does love the manual transmission. Other companies make token gestures or back-pedal to offer a manual option under pressure (We’re looking at you Porsche), but Honda consistently gives us a stick in the vehicles that makes sense. In the case of the Civic Type R, they give us a stick because it’s the only thing that makes sense in that car.

Manual transmission

Honda’s video isn’t going to have you heel-toeing as you trail-brake into lift-off oversteer around a hairpin. But, it does give the basic lowdown for anyone that’s thinking about learning to drive a manual. Got a teen driver that should learn how to drive a stick? This is a solid bit of preparation before they fry your clutch.

Now, Honda claims to offer a manual option “Across an array of models and trims.” That’s a creative use of language as it’s only in certain trims for the Fit, Civic, Accord and HR-V. Of course, a manual in a CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey, or Ridgeline doesn’t make a lot of sense. Particularly when you consider how wonderful Honda’s automatic and CR-V transmissions are.

The Civic Sport Hatchback, Si, and Type R have been written about at length here on Honda-tech, but it’s worth remembering just how much fun a manual Fit is. The stick option is available on all but the top of the range EX-L model. We also have a lot of love for an Accord in a manual configuration. The true testament to Honda’s love of three pedals is that despite dropping the Accord Coupe, and how the sedan market has shrunk drastically, they still make sure enthusiasts have a row your own option with the Sport trim.

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