Madman Trades Acura NSX for Broken Ferrari F355

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Why would anyone swap a perfect Acura NSX for a famously unreliable Ferrari?

Ask any non-car person whether they’d rather have a Ferrari or an Acura, and you know what the majority of responses will be. Ferrari just has that mystique and name value few other brands can match. And sure, they’ve built some amazing machines over the years. But true car nuts know the real truth. And that’s the fact that supercars are famously tricky things that aren’t much fun to actually own. Unless you’re talking about the legendary Acura NSX, of course.

Acura NSX vs. Ferrari F355

So why would anyone in their right mind trade a first-gen NSX for a Ferrari F355? Well, YouTuber Hoovies Garage, that’s who. For starters, our host (sucker?) didn’t bother to do a simple Google search on the F355 until after he made the swap. And he attempted to sell the car first, but admits that it didn’t really attract any “purists” or actual enthusiasts. Only “fanboys who thought that they could just use their dull wit to talk me into selling it for thirty thousand dollars.”

As many of us already know, it’s a frustrating situation. So over a plate of sushi, the idea of making this terrible swap came to light. But you’ve got to be a special kind of frustrated to trade your Acura NSX (plus $10,000) for a Ferrari you’ve been trying to film for over a year. The reason that failed to happen, time and time again? It just kept breaking.

Acura NSX vs. Ferrari F355

Still, you can’t blame the former owner for being a little sad to see his beloved Ferrari go. His last words to the glorious supercar? “Get that thing the Hell out of here.” Almost brought a tear to our eye. Still, the clean Ferrari was actually a bargain when you consider that the Acura NSX would have only netted around $37k on the used car market. Well, unless that busted hose turns out to be a blown motor. Stay tuned!

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