EK9 Civic Type R is the Pinnacle Japanese Time Attack Build

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Japanese tuning firm Garage Work returns with their latest revisions to their insane looking EK9 Honda Civic Type R.

Yup, it’s more EK9 content. Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

This is the latest appearance of the Civic Type R from the madhouse known as Garage Work. The team there are pretty handy when it comes to old Hondas, having campaigned a handful of extreme EK hatchbacks over the years. In fact, their last effort reset the front-wheel drive lap record around Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit, one of the world’s best hotbeds for time attack testing. Now they’re back, this time running the Tsukuba 1000 mini circuit for the aptly-named Attack! Tsukuba 1000 event.

The key details of this car are similar to the last time we reported on the Garage Work team. Under the hood is a built, naturally-aspirated B-Series engine, good for 220 horsepower and a brutal exhaust note. That power figure doesn’t sound like much until you realize it weighs in at a sneeze over 1,700 lbs. Naturally, it’s running an aggressive FWD stagger wheel and tire package. Last time it was rolling on 17-and-15-inch TE37s, now it’s running an 18-and-17 setup. Tires are Advan A050 competition tires, sized 265/35-18 up front and 225/45-17 out back. Oh, and it has some aero tweaks, too.

Of course, when we say “some aero,” we mean a ton of aero. The all white bodywork hides it a bit on video, but there is no denying the large hatch-mounted rear wing and enormous front splitter, which is tiered with multiple elements. This is perhaps best shown when the light hits it just right… like when the car is jumping over curbs at full tilt.

Garage Work EK9 Civic Type R

There are multiple instances of the car going wheels-up and it’s a delight to watch. It’s fast, too, returning an insane lap time of 36.842 seconds, making it the fastest FWD car around the Tsukuba 1000 circuit. It seems the Garage Work Civic Type R is the king of Tsukuba, regardless of configuration.

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