Honda Debuts Progressive ‘Dream Drive’ Infotainment System at CES

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Honda Dream Drive CES 2019

High-tech collaboration with Connected Travel handles everything from paying for parking to making dinner reservations.

Honda recently headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to debut its prototype “Honda Dream Drive,” a high-tech, integrated driver and passenger infotainment dashboard. First shown as a concept at CES 2017, Honda Dream Drive has evolved to offer a broad range of services and entertainment options while minimizing the potential for driver distraction.

Developed in collaboration with Connected Travel, Honda’s new prototype mobile-based dashboards provide services and experiences designed specifically for both drivers and passengers.

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The new system demonstrates the expansion of Honda’s in-vehicle payment technology concept, first introduced at CES 2017 with Visa. It enables drivers to pay for goods and services like fuel and parking; make restaurant reservations, and even share the driver’s location with friends and family.

Honda Dream Drive CES 2019

For passengers, the system offers the ability to play mixed reality games, watch movies, listen to music, and enjoy other features, all from the passenger’s mobile device.

Moreover, customers will have access to purchase Honda Dream Drive content and a variety of other convenience options provided by Honda’s collaborators.

Honda collaborated with a host of industry leaders, including Chevron U.S.A. and iHeartRadio, for its voice enabled, driver dashboard for parking, gasoline payment, restaurant reservations, ticketing, audio, location sharing, and rewards.

With the Honda Dream Drive system, Honda is expanding its in-vehicle payment collaboration to now include Mastercard and PayPal, in addition to Visa.

Honda Dream Drive Rewards Program


Honda’s collaboration with Connected Travel allows the Honda Dream Drive to offer a broad range of convenient services and entertainment options, while minimizing the potential for driver distraction. One of the system’s most innovative offerings is its rewards program.

An industry first, the Honda Dream Drive system has also been developed to reward drivers and passengers with rewards earned by engaging in in-vehicle activities. These points can then be redeemed for goods and services at over 50 online and brick and mortar retailers. Passengers and drivers earn points from retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other major brands.

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