EK Civic Type-R Resets Lap Record at Tsukuba

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honda-tech.com EK civic type R tsukuba lap

Here’s What We Know.

This heavily modified EK Civic Type-R has just reset the front-wheel drive lap record at Tsukuba circuit in Japan. Weighing just 750 kg (1650lbs), this rocket-powered roller skate uses a 275 ps (270hp) tuned B-series engine. Said engine is paired to a close-ratio transmission, prepared by ATS, with their limited slip differential. The aero, including the aggressive splitter, with block off plates and dive planes; the rear wing and the diffuser have been prepared by Garage Work, a Japanese tuning shop. That wing is a Techno Pro GT wing, everything else is one-off and custom-made.

It may seem outlandish, but there is no denying the effectiveness. This EK4 smashes the mythical 60 second barrier for Tsukuba, turning an eye-popping 57.580 second lap. Meaning that this EK is the fastest front-wheel drive around Tsukuba, not bad for 270 horsepower.

honda-tech.com EK civic type R tsukuba lap

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SpeedHunters covered a previous Garage Work EK Civic that appears to be forebear of this car. Telling are the aerodynamic changes to the car since then. This latest iteration has a smoother aerodynamic profile, with more blocked off frontal area. Equally telling is the difference in the lap times. It seems that Garage Work prepares their hot Hondas for privateers, so perhaps the loose nut behind the wheel is the larger factor here. Either way you you look at it, this is one seriously fast EK.

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