B18C-swapped EG Civic Type R Track Car is Even Faster Than You Think

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EG Civic Type R is a JDM wet dream for Honda-driving track-goers, especially when modified with period-correct parts.

The cold winter weather is usually when people put away their fun cars, storing them in the garage, and away from the elements. Of course, when your hobby is racing, that winter weather can also prove useful in knocking out some fast lap times. Think about it, the cold weather means your engine will run harder, and better resist overheating, and same goes for those tires you are constantly overdriving into every corner. Or, perhaps we’re project a bit, especially that last part.

Or, maybe not. As this video from the official Tsukuba Circuit track days Youtube page shows, it’s all too easy to overdrive your car, pushing too hard at the wrong time and compromising your best laps.

This EG Civic Type R, run by Nostalgic Garage, is a ’90s dream for many Honda heads. It’s packing a B18C swap from an Integra Type R, weighs just a hair over 2,200-lbs and runs a staggered set of Advan A050 competition rubber. Check out the wheels, too. We love the bronze TE37s out back contrasting with the white Advan-looking wheels up front.

Nostalgic Garage EG6 Honda Civic Type R Tsukuba Circuit

But there’s more to a fast lap than just a fast car, and, indeed, the beginning of this lap looks great. The driver gets a great run up onto the front straight, and holds a clean, albeit slightly tight line through the first corner. Indeed, the lap is looking great though the infield, until the last corner leading into the back straight. It’s the most deceptive of the bunch at Tsukuba and our driver overcooks it just a bit, relying on the grippy front tires and limited-slip differential to pull the car out mid-way through the corner. Still, this hot lap was fast enough to turn in a respectable 1:05.2 lap time. Pretty impressive.

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