Why You Should Own an Element

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Honda listened to everyone complaining about cookie cutter cars and brought a lovely, quirky box on wheels that is ready to do whatever you want to. Honda envisioned a blank slate for the public to build on so that you can make your Element fit the schedule no matter what your daily plans may be.


1. What other car will let you do this?

Camper top

This is seriously rad and a lifesaver if you find yourself stranded on a remote highway or just in need of impromptu camping.


2. Mobile 2BD / No bath


You saw the penthouse view in the last one, but now it’s time to check out the first-floor digs. Two floors of living under the trusty Honda badge? Yes, please!


3. Bring your goodies with you


Whether it’s a camper, a bike or ATV rack, or a boat, the Element can tow them all. Sure you could do the same with a Pilot or a Ridgeline, but then you also have to deal with driving a larger vehicle that may not fit the rest of your lifestyle.


4. The power of hot bread!


Ever wanted to turn your car into a toaster? Want to adorn your car with your favorite food? This Element is so hot it’s serving up fresh toast daily.


5. Don’t sweat the mess

No sweat

Throw in your four-legged friends or just some messy cargo and don’t worry about any dirt, grime, or debris. This is because the interior floor was made to be cleaned easily and can even be hosed off.


6. Need a lift?


The Element is the perfect car for those with too many friends and not enough seats to go around. Add on the side step and tell your adventurous buddies to get a good grip on the “Oh S*%t” handles for the ride.


7. Let’s talk about the Benjamins

All the money

The resale on these cars are SOLID — like NFL running back slamming into you as you reach for the last hot wing solid. You won’t just get a fun, versatile vehicle when you pick up an Element, you’ll also be making a sound investment.


For more information on maintenance and repairs, please check out our do-it-yourself technical articles at https://honda-tech.com/how-tos/.

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