5 Tips on Interior Car Care

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Although cleaning your car’s interior seems pretty straightforward, there are some things to consider if this is your first time tackling these surfaces. There’s more to this task than just spraying and wiping down dirty areas like you would normally do cleaning anything else.  It’s important to know which products to use and how to use them. Here are some interior cleaning tips for protecting and preserving your car’s interior the right way.


1. Test the Cleaning Product

Test Cleaning

Before generously spraying down your interior surfaces with an interior car cleaning product, it’s recommended to test a bit of the cleaner on an inconspicuous area first, like the edge of a seat. This will ensure that the leather, vinyl, or cloth covering a large surface doesn’t have an adverse, and possibly irreversible, reaction to the product, like staining, splitting or fading. Always read the instructions on any cleaning product you purchase and be sure to pay attention if it needs to be diluted before using, too.


2. Don’t Overdo It


When using cleaning tools, whether it’s a large bristle brush or a toothbrush, it’s best to gently scrub surfaces to gradually wear away at accumulated dirt and oils.  When cleaning leather seats, softly brush the cleaner into the dirty areas, immediately wipe away the excess solution, and let the area fully dry. Brushing or otherwise cleaning too hard may cause scratches and premature wear on the various surfaces of your interior.  You wouldn’t want to scrub very hard when cleaning the exterior, or use the same approach on the more sensitive interior materials.


3. Avoid Using Cleaner on the Dash Under the Windshield


The dash area under the very front of the windshield tends to accumulate a lot of dust over time, as it’s not an area that’s usually touched. Your first instinct may be to spray it down with a dash cleaning product, but some people advise against this.  The reason to not use a cleaner on this area is because the dried residue can create a reflection when the sun hits the windshield at certain angles.  To avoid this visibility-obstructing effect, simply use a damp microfiber towel to whisk away dust instead.


4. Use Products with UV Protection


If you really want to invest in the longevity and durability of your car’s interior, then it’s best to invest in quality products that will protect against harmful UV rays.  Tinted windows protect against premature fading from the sun, but if your windows aren’t tinted, then it’s important to have a second line of defense against this type of wear. Be sure to check that your leather conditioner specifically states ‘UV protection’ as one of its features. Let these products continue to do the work long after you’ve stopped cleaning.


5. Get Rid of Smoke Smell for Good

Anti Smell

Nothing ruins a drive quite like being stuck in a car that reeks of cigarette smoke.  Combat the lingering stench by replacing your cabin air filter, vacuuming the carpet, and steam-cleaning the seats and other surfaces. Some owners recommend removing the A/C vents to clean them thoroughly.  Alternatively, opting for professional ozone treatment is highly effective in removing all traces of smoke contaminants and residue.


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