Well, This is a Bit Odd: Modified Honda Freed

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An anonymous tipster sent us a link to a random blog, and included this picture:


Uh, what?

This “large” kei car is known in Asian markets as the Honda Freed. It’s half Fit and half Odyssey smushed together. Sharing the same chassis and powertrain as the Fit, this car features sliding rear doors with similar “lightning bolt” styling as the Odyssey.

Now, obviously, all of this is secondary, because just look at this car. Yes, it’s been painted an interesting “baby blue” shade and the motif continues with patternsĀ of a baby’s head (???), paired with pineapples (???) on it’s flanks, and then paired with a set of pink wheels that look suspiciously like OZ Ultraleggera.

Again: WHAT?


We are apparently looking at a prominent Singaporean blogger, who in collaboration with a local tire fitter, has been given this car and in then modified it to fit the main themes of her blog. The post details several media projects that this e-star has been involved with and the results are interesting. There is an ad spot, which has been posted online, featuring the blogger in a comic book style scenario, and it’s just as over the top as everything else happening here. Check it out here.



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