Shield Your Eyes: Driver in Taiwan Claims First NSX Crash

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You’re looking at a first. It’s the first known NSX crash on a public road that we know of. The driver, yet to be named, probably isn’t too proud right now. According to Downshift, the accident occurred during a test drive on the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway in Taiwan. You may be wondering why a crash happens on a relatively straight highway, well the answer is quite simple. ¬†According to reports, the driver was stung by a bee. You can’t make this stuff up. It was enough of an event for the driver to lose control of the NSX and crash into a concrete barrier.


It seems a bit odd to lose control of a pre-production model of a high performance car, given that if I were in the driver’s seat, I’d be at full attention. After all, the VIN is #0000, so this one is a bit special. Maybe, just maybe, it was an honest mistake. Either way, with air bags deployed, and fairly significant damage, this NSX won’t be back on the road any time soon. It’ll be interesting to learn if the driver had a deposit on a new model or if he was just out for a joy ride.

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via: [Downshift]

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