Regular Car Reviews Meets Stock Civic EF Hatch

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Regular Car Reviews is back at it again, this time with a 1991 Honda Civic hatchback, aka the EF.

It begins with a summation of who, in RCR’s mind, is driving this 25 year old economy car, complete with jokes about cut springs and Honda bro culture. But wait, Mr. Regular beckons, this one is different: it’s 100% stock. That’s right, this U.S. market softy, kicked out a stellar 75 ¬†horsepower in stock form, and paired with the four-speed manual transmission, was not the factory hot rod Si model that got joyridden by every second-rate thief in the neighborhood.


As RCR is want to do, there is some amount of fawning over this car, and indeed the era from which it came. Hondas of the period featured clean lines, and simple styling, paired with an indefatigable powertrain. “It’s tagline in the advertisements was “It will get you where you’re going,” that’s it, that’s the whole tag line.” From here, the review goes exactly where you would expect it to, from someone who is educated and makes literary allusions that occasionally get so meta it goes post-meta.

Go ahead trolls of Honda-tech, make a thread about this post in General Discussions and Debates and talk about how terrible this all is, we’re waiting.

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