This Wildly Modified Civic EG is Absolutely Wicked

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There was a time when computers didn’t rule the world, and cars were lighter, more simple, and more fun to drive. The fifth generation Honda Civic hatchback is certainly one of those.

This video comes to us courtesy of, Jamie_FYD, who was brave enough to hop behind the wheel (and passenger side) of this little red beast. At first the video goes over the highlights of the engine, modifications, body, etc. It’s when they finally hit the road that things get a bit crazy.

Jamie’s experience is priceless when the driver first steps on the throttle, and his head simply gets thrown back like crazy. According to the owner, this bad boy produces anywhere from 230 horsepower to 250. Regardless of which amount is correct, that’s a heck of a lot of power for a super lightweight Civic.

Enjoy the video and the brutality of it all!

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