Civic Type R: The Return

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If you’re a Honda enthusiast, then your Internet probably broke a couple of nights ago. Why you ask? It’s the return of the Civic Type R! Honda finally released photos of CTR (Prototype) which made an appearance at the Paris Motor Show. Finally shown without its camouflage, it was rocking an dark brushed metallic finished wrap. If you’re wondering if this is the version we’re getting next year in the States, you are correct. Honda put up the CTR on their website and you can now sign up for future updates.


Now let’s get to the interesting bit – the actual car. Without its camouflaged wrap, you can now get a better look at what’s going on with the aggressive exterior styling. Starting at the front, a carbon fiber front chin spoiler/splitter can be seen along with an interesting hood scoop. Front fenders have been widened to house 245 sized rubber – the widest tire we’ve ever seen from the CTR straight from the factory. Moving down the sides, carbon fiber side skirts compliment the front splitter nicely. Lastly, we finally get to the rear to where we see an enormous rear wing. Before you ask – yes, the rear wing isn’t just for looks. It serves an actual purpose and is absolutely functional. We can talk about aerodynamics for FWD cars another time. Even more interesting than the rear wing, check out the 3-tailpipe design!


I know what you’re thinking – “When is the CTR finally coming to the States?”. Honda did in fact confirm that it will be arriving as a 2018 model. We’re one step closer, just have to wait a little bit longer… What are your thoughts so far? Who wants one? I certainly wouldn’t mind having one in my collection. As always, we’ll keep you updated on any more news on the Civic Type R.

For more info and photos of the upcoming CTR, please check out the original article from Autoblog: The glorious return of the Civic Type R

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