Integra with Wild Custom Engine Swap Needs to be Seen

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Integra v8 engine swap

Displacement is up by over 400% on this engine swap, and it’s nothing like what you’d expect.

Swapping engines in a Honda is popular to the point that K-swaps in just about anything else are no longer really headline worthy. J swaps are still amazing based on their packaging (or lack thereof) and bulging hoods. But what happens when you take an Integra and stuff in an engine more than 4 times the size of the original? You end up with this; an 8.2 liter, twin turbo, 500 cubic inch Cadillac V8 powered Acura.

We’re not sure what lead to the decision to use this motor, but we’re guessing the Acura Integra’s high mileage might have something to do with it. Combine that with a Cadillac which may have had all but the engine rotting away, and some wild ideas can be born.

Integra v8 engine swap

There’s no way this monstrosity would fit under the hood, so there was only one other place to put it. Placed bravely behind the seats (brave, because there’s no firewall), this V8 stays matched to its three-speed automatic, and uses a Cadillac subframe to get all the mounting done, and bring the drive action to the rear wheels.

Integra v8 engine swap

But there’s a problem. Depending on the year, that 8.2 liter V8 could have left the factory making a shameful 190 horsepower. We’re not sure how you can get such a small number from a big engine, but that’s mid-70’s GM engineering at its “finest.” To solve that issue, two turbochargers have been added. Power? We wish we could tell you. Specific numbers are not quoted, which also has us wondering if it was ever given a proper tune for the new power adders anyway.

Integra v8 engine swap

Given the obvious weight of a 500 cubic inch Cadillac V8, it makes us wonder why a different motor wasn’t sourced for this engine swap. Surely a turbo J-series V6 from another Honda would have made sufficient power, and pull off the “sleeper” look just as easily. To each their own.

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