1991 Acura NSX Hits the Track for the First Time

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Just because you own a beloved, appreciating asset like the Acura NSX doesn’t mean you can’t take it out and enjoy it.

Owning a car like the first-gen Acura NSX can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, for obvious reasons. Heck, you own one of the most beloved and coveted automobiles ever built. Thousands of people probably either hate you or wish they could be you. However, owning an early Acura NSX these days can also be a bit of a curse. Mainly because you’re watching values skyrocket and you’re terrified of tearing yours up.

Which is probably why YouTuber¬†Zygrene¬†has avoided tracking his 1991 Acura NSX for so long. Which is kind of a shame, because as they say, you can’t take these things with you when you go, right? Thus, our brave owner decided to set foot (and tire) on the track for the first time, albeit with a caveat. “No promises on exciting track footage this time, guys,” he says. “This thing obviously is my baby and I’m gonna baby it.”

Acura NSX

Which is completely understandable. Baby steps, right? Still, that doesn’t stop our newbie from short shifting it and hitting the apexes pretty hard. And he also notices a few differences from his other car that actually gets tracked. “Wow, this feels so different from my S2000,” he notes. “The gearing is so long. The steering is so heavy. The brake pedal…not nearly as much bite.”

Acura NSX

The heavy steering makes it a little tough to take one hand off and shift. And there’s plenty of body roll in the corners. But this first-time outing was still a success. “I’m just glad I actually got to push this thing. Albeit only to like 70%. For the first time, I’m really enjoying how the car feels. Overall, considering it is bone stock. It’s just so cool to be able to hang out with all these NSX and ITR and CTR owners out here. For the love of Hondas! For the love of VTEC!”

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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