Civic Uses 700 Horsepower to Tear Down the Track

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Big boost and big, sticky tires give this EM1 Civic big traction, and even bigger stress on the engine mounts.

The video above comes to us from the GuelphRacing YouTube channel and it features a sixth generation Honda Civic Si making a blast down the quarter mile track of Toronto Motorsports Park. If this car had normal front wheels and a hood, it might not stand out as a wicked drag car, but the exhaust piping sticking up behind the grille make it clear that this is not a stock Civic.

This looks like the kind of Honda Civic that you would expect to see lay down some stunning quarter mile times, and with 700 wheel horsepower on tap, it does not disappoint.

Honda Civic Drag Car Front Corner

The Machine

The details on this Honda coupe are short, but we know that it is powered by a turbocharged B-Series engine. If it is a real Si, it could be a built version of the original B16A2 engine, but we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that with 27 pounds of boost, this coupe is said to make 700 front wheel horsepower.

In addition to the built, turbocharged engine, this Honda has big, fat drag tires up front and it clearly has some suspension work to make the most of all of that power. Out back, it has a huge diffuser sticking from the underside and it looks as though the interior is pretty bare.

Honda Civic Drag Car Boosted Burnout

So it is a Honda Civic with weight reduction and 700 wheel horsepower. Sounds good to us.

The Action

The video begins with a look at the boosted Civic as it prepares to make a quarter mile pass. It idles up to the burnout box, does a quick, smoky burnout and eases up to the starting line. Watch the engine thrash around in the bay on power. We don’t know if it’s the grip from the big tires, or the massive twisting force from that boosted mill, but someone get this man some upgraded engine mounts.

Despite that, when the green lights drop, the Civic roars away from the starting line as smooth as you could want, with the driver banging through gears as the car makes its way down the track.

Honda Civic Drag Car Rear Launch

As the Civic crosses the line, the big board tells us that this turbocharged Honda coupe ran an 11.29 at nearly 130 miles per hour.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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